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Bread Pudding
A Low Calorie, Low Fat Recipe

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Easy Diet Bread Pudding Recipe

If you love bread pudding but not the high calories and high fat ingredients that go into the standard bread pudding recipe, then we may just have a quick Diet Fix for you.

For about 200 calories, this recipe is not only Diet Friendly, it takes less than a minute to assemble and only 3-4 minutes to cook. I enjoy this tasty concoction several times per week for snack time.

Ingredients for Basic Diet Wise Bread Pudding

2 slices of Sunbeam sandwich bread (or any bread that is 55 or less per slice) pinched or cubed and placed into a deep microwavable bowl

Ground Cinnamon - sprinkle on bread

Splenda (or use minimal sugar if you don't like no calorie sweeteners) - Sprinkle on bread and cinnamon.

Your Favorite Fruit - such as a few frozen peaches - add to top of bread, sugar, cinnamon mixture

No Calorie Butter Spray (optional) - shoot out a few sprays onto bread mixture.

Real Vanilla Extract added to 1/2 Cup skim Milk - Slowly pour over bread mixture.

Pop into microwave for about 4 minutes.  Remove and sprinkle with a bit of brown sugar if desired.

Oatmeal, wheat germ, raisins, a few chocolate chips - there are so many combinations that can be married into this great basic bread pudding recipe.

We allowed about 30 calories for our fruit.  Check out the canned fruit aisle, as well as frozen fruit packages which are ultra low in calories.  A small bag of frozen peaches generally contains about 150 calories for the entire bag.

Tips & Suggestions for Bread Pudding Recipe

Fresh fruit works wonderfully well - as does preserves.  

One day I found myself out of fruit so I used a teaspoon of strawberry preserves and the bread pudding was to Live For!Diet Bread Pudding Recipe

Some great combinations that we have tried in our kitchen:

bird01_green.gif lemon extract with peaches & a spoon of slivered almonds

bird01_green.gif rum extract with sliced fresh bananas and a dash of ground nutmeg, and ground cinnamon

bird01_green.gif rum extract with sliced fresh bananas

bird01_green.gif apples, vanilla extract, cinnamon, brown sugar;  pears taste similar to apples in this recipe

bird01_green.gif rum extract with sliced fresh bananas

bird01_green.gif teaspoon of oatmeal, vanilla extract, teaspoon of golden raisins, teaspoon brown sugar

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