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When Dieting Makes Fashion Sense

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Everyone needs a little fashion.....

Have you ever went to an event and felt underdressed?  Have you ever went to an event and felt overdressed?  

Unless an individual was bold enough to don a low cut sexy red number to work, odds are that most of us have felt underdressed on more occasions than overdressed.

Getting all dressed up gives us a sense of pride, of confidence, of 'I'm one hot cookie'.

When we know that we look good, it effects the way that we feel about ourselves.

Fashion has little to do with weight.  Whether we are razor-thin or big and fluffy makes little difference.  

One of the most beautiful women that I ever saw weighed well over 200 pounds.  

She was checking me out at a local apparel store and she wasn't dressed like any checker that I'd ever seen before.  

Her fingers were well-manicured; her hair had been professionally done; her outfit was bold and immaculate; her manner was friendly, yet she was very efficient.  

And I just stood there thinking how beautiful this woman was, and secretly, I wondered if she knew how beautiful she was.

It is often said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but beauty is indeed a marriage of Inner Beauty and Outer Beauty.

No Matter What Size You Are OR What You Weight, Never Lose Your Self-Confidence

If you find that you are continually fighting with your weight, rather than placing the full emphasis on your daily diet plan, try sharing the focus with the things you wear. And not only clothing.  

Hats, belts, jewelry, purses, fanny packs, scarves, head bands, hair decor, stockings, time pieces - and so forth.

Tom purchased me a cheap fuzzy purse last winter and I've received more compliments on that cheap little purse than anything that I've ever owned before.

Accessories can really boost compliments - and compliments just flat make us feel better about ourselves. Go Cupcake!

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