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The Brain Thinks Differently
When Dieting
Common Thoughts Dieters Share

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

The Diet Brain.

This mean ol' diet is hurting my wittle head!

The normal brain is a well-programmed engine that trots smoothly along. It often runs so smoothly that we rarely even give it a second thought.

Except...when it goes into Diet Mode....

The Diet Brain gallops at a desperate pace, lathering up the brain circuitry, jamming up the lines, blocking nerves thus causing the generally very cool head to jolt into a Diet Storm filled with spiraling tornadoes, bolts of lightning and often times, flooded raging streams.

Fast Weight Loss Not Always Best

As with anything in life, if it isn't fun, then the sooner the task is completed the better.  In Diet Mode, the pace quickens further still.

We don't want the extra weight off tomorrow - or even today. By gosh - we want it off yesterday!

And as with anything that we want really bad, it seems to come to us at a very slow pace.

Common Thoughts of Dieters

So here we are, locked heavily in Diet Mode with our brains driving us nuts over weight loss.  Just take an inside peek at Dieter Sally's current wave of thoughts.

"What can I eat for dinner that won't blow my diet?"

"What about at the movie tonight?  How can I possibly get through the movie without my traditional bucket of buttered popcorn?"

"When Hal picks me up for the movie, will he notice my new slimmer shape?  I know that one pound isn't much - but it's a start.  Hum.  Well, I think I look thinner."

"I wonder how many calories are in a cheeseburger without the cheese?"

"I heard that burgers are packed with salt. Will a burger make my trimmer looking body blow up into Sodium City?"

"I don't like diet drinks.  Maybe I can splurge on a real soda this evening if I have a salad instead of a burger.  I wonder how many calories are in a soda...."

"If Ilene brings donuts to work again tomorrow, I'm going to kill her."

"Gosh - I wish that I could NOT think about dieting for at least five minutes!!"

"When is this dastardly diet going to end?"

Oh Sally - our sweet, dieting little Sally.  Her thoughts ring an old familiar bell that has so many cracks in it that it would make old Liberty jealous.

She is in desperate need of finding Diet Shangri-La!

Perhaps we can send out some thoughts that might be of help in calming Dieter Sally's storm-tossed brain.

Relaxation Vital to the Weight Loss Process

Because our minds are basically tortured during Diet Time with continual thoughts of weight loss, relaxation becomes a vital part of Weight Loss Success.

A Favorite Hobby, Perfect Way to Relax

Sally would do well to become engaged in a hobby or activity that she thoroughly enjoys which will not only make Diet Time fly by faster, it will also help reset her brain.

If Sally enjoys a hobby that might endanger her diet - such as cooking, there is no need to bypass that favorite hobby.

Creations from the kitchen can become a cherish gift. Too many times, we wait for holidays and special occasions to say, "I love you.  I like you.  Thank you for being my friend, my parent, my boss, my partner, etc."

By focusing on the good things that weight loss will bring, the Diet Spell may also be broken.

Becoming interested in learning more about diet and weight loss will also help Dieter Sally.  

The more familiar that we are with something we don't like, the more apt we are to accept it for face value or in the case of weight loss, for pound value.

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