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Let Us Diet With Lettuce
For Fat Loss

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Calories in Lettuce - Facts & Nutrition

Oh, let us count the wonderful ways of lettuce for dieters - ways that may just leave other veggies jealous and yes, wilting.

Butterhead Lettuce

This shining star is a member of the sunflower family and hosts many other surprising benefits forlettuce for dieters dieters such as Vitamin C, dietary fiber, low sodium, fat and calories.

Butterhead lettuce contains a scant 5 calories per cup.

Iceberg Lettuce

Just hearing the name of this rather common breed of lettuce sends one's thoughts on a journey to an icy, crisper world.

Perfect for summer, Iceberg lettuce can really help cool a body down. It makes a wonderful base for a salad and contains a scant 18 calories per cup.

Loose Leaf Lettuce

This beautiful Lettuce Beast is a prize for any dieter's salad.  Intense green meshed with hues of dark purple beckons from yon Salad Bowl.

Mix with cherry tomatoes, black olives, chopped red and yellow bell pepper and a collusion of colors wreaks of, "This can't be diet food!"

Take your Looseleaf Salad to a more intense level by tossing in a teaspoon of chopped nuts and apple.  Add a bit of Raspberry Walnut salad dressing and you just may need to wear your crash helmet before diving into that first explosive bite!

Romaine Lettuce

Tasty Romaine won't remain in your salad bowl for long. Seductive, earthy - supporting large leaves, Romaine lettuce is a dieter's delight.

This shining lettuce star is a member of the daisy family and contains a scant 9 calories per cup.

Let Us Share Some Lettuce Tips

Lettuce rust is related to fungi, and dieting or not,
It's wise to avoid rust, and rot where this specimen is picked from Mother Nature's garden.

To expand the life of your green head or green sheaves, as it rests on its icy refrigerated shelf, store in an airtight bag.

Be sure not to skimp on this food in your weight loss plan because it takes more than a cup of most varieties to render those desirable nutritional benefits.

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