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Boring Diet vs Exciting Plan

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Unique Dieting vs Boring Traditional Dieting

There are many ways in which a towel can be stored away. Let's take a look at Joe, Mary & Lester to see how this simple task is performed so differently......

Joe folds his towels into neat squares before storing them away.  

He finds that the square shape of the towel is easier to untangle at bath time.

Mary uses a triple-fold that she's perfected over the years.  Rather than squaring up her towels, she folds them in half, then inward, like a giant burrito.

Her towels require a little more storage room, but she likes the way they look once they are stored away - like colorful puffy clouds.

Lester doesn't fold his towels at all.  

Once he has them out of the dryer, he simply tosses them into a stack.

When he is ready for his bubble bath, he just grabs and goes.

So one might ask, "What does folding a towel have to do with losing weight?"

Every dieter must find that special diet plan that works for them.

It may not be that low-carb diet that worked for their friend, Ace. And it might not be that radical fad diet that is circling the Diet Village.

Every dieter is different and requires a diet plan that compliments their personal lifestyle.

How would Joe feel if he were forced to fold his towels like Mary?

And what about this.....

How would Lester feel if someone told him that he had to start folding his towels like meticulous Mary? Or, if Mary were forced to toss down her towels like Lester?

An individual experiences much the same feeling when they are forced to deal with a diet that just isn't their cup of tea.  

The diet becomes an albatross - something they dread rather than welcome into their life.

So where does a dieter start?

Simply by asking, "How do I fold my towels?"  Use this q & a process to analyze your diet plan.

Keep in mind that a good diet plan was created with a modification element in mind.  So make the diet your own.

Insert your favorite snacks, substitute your favorite physical activities - and so forth.  Dare to be Diet Different!

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