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Diet Bikini Frustration
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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Frustration Over Weight Amid Bikini Season

Molly was taking a carefree jaunt on the beach when a siren whizzed by her going at least 90-miles per hour, two ice cream cones latched in her grubby little hands - looking like some lobster who had escaped from the sea.

A feeling of frustration trembled through Molly as she took a quick gander at the hot little siren.  

Her backside was tighter than a drum skin; her legs were shaped like two long hourglasses, and that tiny bikini fit perfectly - as if it were part of her body and she had no under-parts.

Even if Molly lost all her excess weight, she knew she could never look like Ms. Hot Siren. Perhaps like a cute Beach Bunny, she went on to decide as her Weight Loss Thoughts took a big dive.

A few moments ago, she had been so happy - so relaxed and carefree. Had even found a pretty shell on the beach for her collection.

Thoughts of Quitting Dieting

She suddenly asked herself, should I just ditch my diet?  It's a lot of effort, and I've only lost ten pounds. And it took over a month to accomplish that!

Her spirits fell further still as the Siren sat down in the beach lounger and licked both ice creams to death.  

The thought that Molly had brewing through her head - thinking the Siren was probably delivering the cones OR she was only going to have one cone - burned, then fell to the ground in a smoldering pile.

So what did Molly do as she continued her jaunt on the beach? What did she decide about her diet? Ditch? Or not to ditch?

Answers to Molly's Throbbing Diet Questions

Molly decided to stick to a healthy diet and concentrate of her level of Feel-Good rather than re-hash her beach experience.

Whenever she went to the market, she drove her basket to the fresh produce section. It was a vast improvement from her pre-diet days when she would steer straight for the Rocky Road.

Molly started doing some of the activities that she enjoyed doing rather than re-instituting her boring exercise plan that had been swiftly sending her to the Diet Institution!

She enjoyed her brisk walks through the local park and when she felt like she wanted a stronger workout, she took her dog Useless with her.

Molly had quickly become a fan of taking hot soaks in her tub.  

Her alone-time allowed for all sorts of adventures, including washing her mind of stressful thoughts, while releasing a bit of built-up tension.

Molly's healthy shopping sprees, moderate activity, and relaxation therapy paid off in the way of Weight Loss Success!

Molly lost a record four pounds in one week and she was having so much fun that she really didn't even feel like she was on a diet.

And her level of Feel-Good was at an all time high!

Perhaps her little walk on the beach that day had rendered good things, she decided in retrospect. Diet Life's a beach!

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