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Grazing on Weight Gain
Snacking & Increased Body Fat

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

MOO-VE on over, Weight Gain!

We've all done it - grazed on a variety of goodies throughout the day, just a smidgen here and a tinch there.  And by the end of the day, we may feel as if we have done quite well, calorie-consumption-wise - but did we?

It's a case of 'what we don't know can hurt our diet'.

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Let's take a look at Dieter Fabio to see how he mows down his grazing calories....

Example of Food Grazing

10 am: 1/2 donut for 90 kcals
11 am: a pack of peanut butter cookies with a regular soda for 400 kcals
1 pm: 2 slices of leftover pizza for 700 kcals
2 pm: 1/2 donut [why waste it?] for 90 kcals
4 pm: bowl of ice cream equaling 2 cups for 800 kcals
5 pm: 1/2 pack of beef jerky for 200 kcals
6 pm: bowl of cereal equaling three cups for 350 kcals
8 pm: 1/2 bag of buttered popcorn with two regular sodas for 550 kcals
10 pm: 2 beers for 250 kcals

Total: 3,510 calories. We call this a Calorie Meltdown.

Grazing Contributes to Weight Gain

Fabio looked down at his swollen belly just before bedtime and blamed the beers, but what really sucked wind was the pizza and ice cream.

By the time he'd mown his way throughout the day, he had almost doubled his recommended daily calorie intake. No wonder his tummy was all blown out!

Sit Down, Enjoy Your Meal

Fabio's disastrous graze-day is a good example of why it pays to enjoy a sit-down meal AND when we can't enjoy a sit-down meal, why we should take time to take stock of what we are grazing on.

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