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Searching for the Perfect Diet

Written by Diet Bites

Wizard & Hector Hit Diet Pay Dirt

Diet Article: Tips for choosing healthy snacks for your weight loss plan.

Wizard and Hector had been searching for the perfect diet plan for years and years. They had hoped it would render a quick, get rich scheme.  

To their utter dismay, they met up with Mister Wise Old Owl who informed them that they would have better luck in finding a Money Tree.

The Perfect Diet is indeed a most difficult treasure to find - but that doesn't mean that we can't make our daily diet plan as perfect as it can be, now does it?  Here's a few priceless Diet Tips:

Seven Lucky-Ducky Snack Tips

Snacking Tips

Incorporate 2 healthy snacks per day.

Ix-nay on snacking after dinner time.

Beverages, Low in Calories - Best Choice is Water

Reach for low calorie beverages.

Healthy Vegetables Equals Healthy Weight Loss

Bulk up with veggies which prompt our bodies to fill up rather than fill out.

Be a Faithful Little Weigher, It Allows You More Control Over Your Diet Plan

Fear not thy trusty weight scales!  What you don't know can really kill your diet.




"How many times do I have to tell
you that it's WISE Old Wizard - NOT WIZENED Old Wizard!  And quit complaining.  We'll find the
perfect diet or die trying."



"Mister Know-It-All.  All bacon and no brains...."

Don't Skip Breakfast - It Starts Your Metabolic Burn for the Day

 If you aren't a big breaky person, give it a couple of weeks before tossing in the towel. Feast on fresh fruit, cereal, toast and jam, and bagels.  Try to keep breakfast calories under 300.

Don't Forget to Exercise Which Will Increase Your Weight Loss Results

Walk the Diet Line - literally.  A few trots or jogs around the block or local park will produce a thinner, leaner, stronger body.

Keep Thoughts Off of Eating Unless It's Meal Time

Keep the mind occupied.  Discover a fascinating hobby, take a few day trips, or go camping.

Sometimes the Perfect Diet is a simple diet wrapped with a personal touch.

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