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Flour Tortilla Tips & Recipes

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Tortilla Recipes for Dieters

One of my favorite recipes is 'frying' flour tortillas in no calorie, butter-flavored cooking spray. As they 'fry' they puff up and can easily be pulled apart. It's like getting two tortillas for the Calorie-Price of one!  

What a Diet Bargain. And at only 80 calories per flour tortilla, they make a tasty addition to any diet plan.

Need a quick, low calorie dessert for a sugar fix? Simply fill tortilla with reduced calorie pie filling, such as Apple Pie Filling with Splenda.  

Place filling onto one side of the tortilla and fold. Sprinkle top with a bit of ground cinnamon and powder sugar.

Here are a few more tips and quick flour tortilla recipes that we hope generate ideas to freshen up your diet plan as you loose weight:

Search for tortillas containing 100 or less calories

Corn tortillas contain a lot less calories than flour tortillas. The average corn tortilla contains about 40-50 calories.

Quick Breakfast Flour Tortilla Recipe for Dieters

Prepare a scrambled egg wrap for breakfast by warming flour tortilla in microwave (place between damp paper towels), then add cooked egg and 1/2 slice of cheese.  

Roll and enjoy. Quick, easy, simple diet food!

Quick Lunch Flour Tortilla Recipe for Dieters

Smear flour tortilla with LIGHT whipped cream cheese.  Add thin slices of deli meat to one side of the tortilla, then top with finely chopped green or black olives.  

Roll and enjoy. Quick, easy, simple diet food!

Quick Supper Flour Tortilla Recipe for Dieters

Spread flour tortilla with a thin layer of mashed OR refried beans. Sprinkle on a bit of salsa and add 1/2 slice of cheese.  Pop into microwave until cheese melts and carefully remove.

Roll and enjoy. Quick, easy, simple diet food!

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