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Diet Snack Time

Written by Diet Bites

Tips for choosing the best snacks while dieting.

Skipping down the Diet Lane we are suddenly overcome with a funny feeling in our tummy.  

Is it love?  No....  Did we just swallow a butterfly?  No....  Hum, it must be Diet Snack Time!  We are in need of something to tie us over until the next meal, but nothing that will tie down those plunging numbers on our weight scales.

Here is a good rule of Diet Thumb for snack time. This is the healthy way to spell snack time: Snack = Something Nourishing And Calorie Kind

This is the unhealthy way to spell snack time:

Snack = Something Naughty And Calorie Kamikaze

Timing Snacks While Dieting to Combat Hunger, Fatigue

Timing out snacks may help in balancing the hungries as well as help resist bingeing or accidental calorie overage. Therefore, PLAN to enjoy snacks at a point when you don't fill full from breakfast or lunch, and when you don't feel ravenous.  

planet01_green.gifDieter Cookie (I know) (and her last name is Puddin') grabbed a fresh apple for her mid-afternoon snack, but she wasn't really hungry.  Cookie didn't eat just a few bites, rather gobbled down the entire apple, worm and all.  Eating when we aren't hungry presents the possibility of tummy-stretching so that it may take more food to fill us up.

planet01_green.gifThe following day, Dieter Cookie felt ravenous because she had waited far too long to enjoy her healthy snack.  When she grabbed her box of healthy snack bars, rather than having one, she had four and her diet went out the door.  Most diets end with a binge - and it doesn't have to be a big binge.

Fast Grabs for Snacks Work Best But Need to Be Healthy

Snacks are our personal fast-food fix - one that we can make as healthy OR as unhealthy as we wish - but they need to be fast-grabs.

For snacks that require cooking, prepare in advance to avoid making snack time revert into a mini-meal time.

Snacks should be lazy, non-rushed and comfortable. Snack time should be a time for pleasure, for enjoyment, for getting in touch with our Diet Kismet.

If you aren't in the mood for snack time, opt for a beverage.

 I love Coke, REAL Coca-Cola - but the calories don't love me - and these calories are often defined as 'empty calories' because they don't provide an element of nutrition - although the sugar rush is delightful. BUT, on those occasions when I'm not in the mood for a snack, such as a peach or plum, then I'll splurge and enjoy a bit of 'The Real Thing' - Coke.

Avoid snacking after dinner time.

 If you feel hungry before bedtime, opt for a cup of skim milk blended with a fresh or frozen strawberry or two (or your favorite fruit) and a dash of vanilla* extract.  Add a couple of ice cubes for a frosty treat.  The milk will help you sleep better and your body will benefit nutritionally from the milk, and the fruit while keeping your calories at a minimum (about 100 calories).

* Grab REAL vanilla rather than imitation which is processed with wood and may contain carcinogens.

Healthy Seed & Nut Snacks

Although nuts are high in fat and calories, they take a long time to eat if the dieter concentrates on the snack.  Rather than dousing a handful of nuts, try enjoying the nut one nibble at a time OR one nut at a time.  Whole seeds also make a great snack for dieters because it takes a while to get out the goody.  

Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and squash seeds are also delicious when roasted and added to salads and soups.

Frozen Fruit, Chocolate, Finger Foods for Snack Time

Fruit - Frozen fruit takes a LONG time to eat and is a delicious summer treat.  Cinnamon, vanilla and rum extract and just a dash of either sugar or no-calorie sweetener can turn a dieter's head in a wink.  We love to pop our frozen peaches into the microwave with a little cinnamon, vanilla and rum extract for a couple of minutes, then dash them with Splenda, a little no calorie butter (Parkay) and a spoon of whole oats - and just a dash of brown sugar.

Freeze a bit of light fruit juice mixed with fruit and a bit of skim milk in pop molds for a cool diet treat that's nutritious.

Chocolate - Don't count out candy!  It's okay to enjoy almost ALL foods while dieting.  A few dark Hershey's Kisses also provides a wand of healthy heart benefits.  Lolipops also make satisfying snacks because they take so long to eat.

The next time that you find yourself at the market, keep your eyes open for foods that can act as snacks in your healthy diet plan.  Look at the labels, search the dried fruit aisle, examine the gelatin.  Compare nutrition bars to candy bars.  Check out the cereal bars - as well as the cereal.  Finger foods make FUN snacks.

And after all - that's what snack time should be.

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