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Wild Rice Diet

Written by Diet Bites

Wild Rice Jambalaya - Low in Calories, Low in Fat, Diet Recipe Included in this Article

Wild Rice for Weight Loss

Lose weight with the goodness of rice. Go wild with your diet - a little wild with wild rice that is!  

Wild rice substitutes nicely for meat and has a hint of nutty inside. It's also a very good source for nutrition, so much nutrition that its cousins (White Rice and Brown Rice) get pretty jealous when Wild Rice is around.

And if you pair wild rice with mushrooms - you'll not only enhance the flavors, you'll also be adding another hint of protein as mushrooms also substitute nicely for meat - but only where flavor is involved. True protein content is a totally different story and of course, meat wins - hand's down.

The Nutritional Facts for Wild Rice

- Contains a good amount of complex carbohydrates for quick energy and longer satiety power.

- Is a good source of fiber.

- Wild rice is also a good source for iron, zinc, calcium, protein and potassium.  

- 1/2 cup of Wild Rice contains about 115 calories.Food Pyramid

- 1/2 cup of Wild Rice contains about .4 grams of fat. - Wild rice is packed with more niacin than brown rice.

Foods that Meld-Well with Wild Rice and bolster flavor:

Vegetables: Mushrooms, pearl onions, shredded carrots and garlic.

Dairy: Skimmed mozzarella cheese; butter - but remember to use sparingly.

Proteins: Most all nuts - from cashews to walnuts.  Most all meats - from beef to shrimp.

Fruits: Dried apricots, dried cranberries.

Grains: Enjoy with whole grain bread.

Wild Rice Jambalaya - Low in Calories, Low in Fat, Diet Recipe

The Recipe Ingredients

1/2 ring of lean link kielbasa (the turkey and the chicken versions work well too and contain fewer calories than beef or pork versions)
2 cups of cooked wild rice

2 Tablespoons of dried cranberries

1 Tablespoon of chopped pecans

1 cup of sautéed sliced mushrooms

; use your favorite variety of mushroom

How to Prepare This Wild Rice Recipe

To prepare - slice mushrooms, then 'fry' in a bit of no calorie cooking spray - butter flavor will add bling to your Jambalaya.  Remove mushroom from heat and add kiabasa that has been sliced very thin and cook until done.

Return mushrooms to pan; add cooked wild rice, cranberries and pecans and stir until mixed well.  Serve with crusty garlic bread, a side of green beans and carrots - a meal filled with color and flavor.

Wild Rice Jambalaya makes 4 servings for about 200 calories each. What a fantastic meal for your weight loss plan!

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