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What Do Dieters Want?

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

What to Expect From Dieting

For dieters seeking weight loss, getting to that magic number on the weight scales is obviously the number one goal. But other than weight loss, what do dieters want?

Here is our list of most popular expectations from our readers.

Sensible, Safe Weight Loss Plan That's Easy to Follow & Which Gives Fast Results

1. A simple weight loss plan: It's difficult to find a simpler plan than a daily diet based on the Official Food Pyramid Groups. Simply determine how many servings you require from each Food Group - stick to that number and weight loss should ensue.

2. An easy weight loss plan: While losing weight is never easy, getting there can be made a whole lot easier by sticking to a simple formula for weight loss where meal times are concerned; enjoy three per day - again, based on the Food Pyramid. Limit snacks to no more than two times per day.

3. Fast weight loss results: It takes time to lose weight. A good goal to set is two pounds per week. Doesn't sound like much? That totals about 100 pounds per year. Now that's impressive!

4. A safe weight loss plan: A safe weight loss plan is one that embraces all of the above tips.

Support During the Weight Loss Process

5. Support while losing weight: There is a lot of support for dieters, but almost-always it comes at a monetary expense. You can get any information imaginable about losing weight for free at Diet Bites.

Exercise to Pair With Diet

6. Exercise equipment that will help getting fit easier, faster and quicker: We are a big fan of walking because it isn't as taxing on the knees, back, neck, feet and joints as many other activities. And it is something that everyone can do. For free.

We have a few comments to make on this topic in defense of dieters. They tend to get a bad wrap in regards to exercise. Most people assume that because someone is overweight, they are lazy OR that they just don't want to put the effort into an exercise plan.

In my experience, a dieter is willing to do most anything to achieve their weight loss dream - exercise included!  

At the beginning of the weight loss plan, dieters work so hard towards their weight loss goals that they generally experience agony due to painful overworked muscles. So at minimum, dieters are gung ho when it comes to exercise.

Exercise Tip: If you are starting to incorporate exercise into your weight loss plan, start out by taking it slow. 

Also, if you are planning on participating in an aggressive day of activity, ask your doctor about taking an over the counter medication before starting out; your doctor may recommend an inflammatory drug to be taken BEFORE activity commences. It can really take the pinch out of soreness.  

Cherry juice may also ward off soreness and has proven to be effective in doing such via health studies.

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