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Solving the Weight Loss Puzzle

Written by Diet Bites

Making the pieces of your Diet Puzzle fit

Jim was putting together a complex puzzle with over 1,000 pieces. Putting together the border had been easy - although some pieces appeared to have a straight edge, but turned out to be slightly crooked.  

But now that Jim had gotten to the guts of the puzzle, his task was becoming more complicated. Pieces of the puzzle that looked like they would fit, just wouldn't slide in.  

Jim's experience is a lot like dieting.

When we set out on a new diet, everything clicks like clockwork. In the Diet World, the border of Jim's puzzle might represent the following:

 - The dieter KNOWS that they want to diet to lose weight.

- The dieter KNOWS that it's going to take a bit of deprivation to reach goal weight.

- The dieter KNOWS that it's going to take a bit of time to accomplish weight loss.

- The dieter KNOWS that they will need to incorporate activity into the diet plan to speed weight loss results and to strengthen the body.

But after the dieter sets their chosen weight loss program into motion and all the other pieces of the diet try to fall into place, they don't always fit.

The dieter may bang on them with their little Diet Hammer, and the stubborn piece of the Diet Puzzle might get whacked into place, but it just doesn't quite look or feel right.  

The Right Diet Plan

But when the pieces of the Diet Puzzle glide into place, it not only looks right, it also feels right.  It may take a little elbow grease to accomplish such, but typical dieters thrive on feelings of accomplishments. Such feeling serve to motivate their weight loss progression.

If you're dieting and some of the pieces of your weight program or plan just don't seem to fit - take time to stand back and try to figure out what the problem may be.  

Why won't the piece fit?  

Do you need to try a different piece?  

Do you need to try a different angle?

Take time out? Take a deep breath? And just think about why that stubborn piece won't fit.

With determination and willpower, you'll eventually get all the pieces of your plan to fit and you'll be SO PROUD that you took the time to do it right!

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