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Pattern for Weight Loss

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Establishing Patterns for Weight Loss

In the pioneer days, Settler Louise Ann made her beloved daughter Betsy, many dresses from burlap sacks.

As time progressed and flour was sold in colorful print bags, she made use of the fabric for more outfits for her darling Betsy - and they were much prettier than the burlap sack material had been.

She didn't have a pattern and her fashion design may have been created in a multitude of ways. She may have used a worn out dress as a guide for the new dress.  

Or, she may have drew an outline around Betsy, then cut the sack out accordingly and stitched it up. It just helped - having that pattern for success.

Weight Loss Patterns Make Dieting & Losing Weight Easier & Set the Stage for Future Health

When an individual goes on a diet, they can get a lot further, and get there faster when they have a pattern to go by.  

That weight loss pattern may come in the form of a diet book, or a friend who may share their dieting experiences, or perhaps a website that provides dieting advice, weight loss tips and information - like Diet Bites (hint hint).

Having savvy dieting information as a pattern allows the dieter to know what to expect.

They'll have a good idea of how long it may take them to lose the weight; exercises that can assist with weight loss; great healthy snack choices; diet menus; weight charts so they'll have an idea of the weight they should aim for - and perhaps most importantly, diet motivation - particularly from someone who has been there and done that.

Diet Bites, Been There, Done That - We Know About Obesity, Dieting & the Safe Way to Lose Weight

There aren't many weight loss gurus online that have 'been there and done that' and that is what separates them from Diet Bites. - and all the weight loss sites online.

When I get in the car to take a trip, I want the driver of that car to know not only know how to drive - but also how to get me to where I want to go.  

And if the driver has been to my intended destination, the fact that they can share all the things about their journey there really adds to my own adventure. And it helps me know what to expect, and what to look forward to.

We hope that Diet Bites does that for you and makes your Weight Loss Journey special because you are special. You deserve more than an arm-chair diet guru to help get you to your weight loss goals. You deserve Diet Bites.

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