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Weight Loss Fandango

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Are You Dancing Around Your Diet Plan?

The fandango is a very provocative Spanish dance performed by a man and a woman who play castanets. It is a very fast-triple time, hot dance. This sounds much like the beginning of a new diet, doesn't it?

If there were a way to bottle those feelings and expectations that we have at the beginning of our diet, and to release them when we begin to have second thoughts of dieting, then everyone who went on a weight loss plan would achieve everything that they set out to accomplish!

Notice that we said, 'second thoughts of dieting'. No one ever experiences, 'second thoughts about losing all that unwanted weight'. If only such could be accomplished without dieting.

I've often wished that the body was able to hold a limited number of calories in the fat storage cells.

This is where all those extra calories are stored that are not utilized by the body in either vital functions or through daily activity. When we eat more energy than the body requires, the remainder is conveniently sent to the fat cells. When we don't have enough, the body simply makes more.

But what if we only had a very limited amount of fat storage capacity?

Let's assume that the body has a limited storage capacity of twenty-five extra pounds over the top number that is considered our ideal weight. If this were the case, all of us would never be more than twenty-five pounds overweight - no matter how many calories we consumed in food and drink.

And if we carefully think about this, we can see the flaw in this wishful thinking. The fat storage is there for those times when food might be scarce - such as in the old days when a fierce winter moved into the area and food was difficult to be found. If not for the body's ability to store fat, many people would have succumbed to an early death.

For example, let's say that William lived in the days of yore and that he was among the fattest of his clan being one hundred pounds overweight. The summer was brutal; there was little grain to be harvested and put aside for winter. While the rest of the clan ate the grain, William decided to eat less so that the grain might last longer. By the time that spring arrived, the rest of the clan had lost about ten pounds of body weight each while William had lost fifty pounds.

The spring rains were brutal making planting impossible. Then came the day when one of the clansmen rode off to ask a neighboring clan if they could spare some food. The neighboring clan had planned wisely and had plenty of food to share - so the clan had a time of great bounty. They were eventually able to plant their crops in late spring. Summer and fall were also kind - but because of the suffering winter of the previous year, the clansmen were very frugal and limited their daily diet.

Soon they enjoyed a good harvest; during this time William was still watching what he ate so that the food would last longer and so that more could be put away for the long cold months ahead. And because he was now almost 100 pounds thinner, his body didn't require as much food as it did when he was one hundred ponds overweight.

William's ability to store energy helped him to survive the brutal duration of an un-bountiful harvest. If he had only been able to store 25 pounds - he would have also likely have survived, as did his fellow clansmen. But he also assisted them by eating far less than his body required, allowing his fat storage to span the divide.

Staying Motivated to Lose Weight

If you are on a weight loss plan OR if you are considering a weight loss plan, whenever you reach a point in your diet when you feel like you want to return to your former way of eating, think about how you felt when you first when on your diet. Think about how excited that you were about losing weight.  

Think about all those things that you wanted to accomplished, and how you promised yourself that this would be your final diet.

Think about how disappointed that you were BEFORE you went on your diet and about those feelings which made you think about going on a diet in the first place.

If you think through these things, odds are, you just may decide to remain on your diet. And if you do, you'll reach and achieve all of your weightloss goals. Deplete those fat cells - and reach your recommended weight.

Unlike the encumbrances experienced by William and his clan, the existence of modern day farming engineering has made foods readily available. We really don't need that extra padding of energy to get us through those brutal days when food was impossible at best to be found.

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