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What is Your Diet Type?

Written by Diet Bites

Apple, Pear? Procrastinator? Which Type of Dieter Best Describes You?

Determining the type of diet that you enjoy on a regular basis is one key to getting a handle on your weight loss plan. Try to identify which topics apply to your diet and use the diet tips to accomplish faster weight loss.

Apple or Pear?

Apple shapes tend to store their fat around the mid-section which has been linked in studies to a rise in risk for heart disease. According to the studies, it's much better to be a pear. The pears store fat below - in the buttocks and hip areas.

Weight Loss Tip: Apple shape or Pear shape is based on genes. However, you can cut your risks by practicing the following: regular visits to your doctor, annual cholesterol check, regular blood pressure checks, a healthy diet, and moderate exercise.

The Busy Day Dieter

This individual rarely sits down to enjoy meal times and may be often found at the drive through windows of popular fast food restaurants.

Weight Loss Tip: Slow down, you move too fast!  Take time to relax at meal times.  Rather than grab a burger, grab something healthy. You'll be around a lot longer so you can keep on enjoying those busy days.

The Family Dieter

If you're trying to diet and are in charge of preparing meals for a family, weight loss just got a notch more complicated.  Click here for some great tips.

The Fast Food Dieter

The dieter has been totally entranced by clowns, kings with big plastic faces and fake crowns, 'ball people' with big heads that look like balls, and colonels with no military affiliation.

Weight Loss Tip: In general, the menu items featuring chicken are lower in calories and fat than the beefy items. Look for grilled or roasted chicken over fried or bar-b-qued. Order salads with light dressing on the side and ditch the croutons. That tiny sack packs more calories than some tin roof sundaes. Avoid milkshakes because they aren't the healthy milk beverage that one would think they might be. These thick shakes will shake up your taste buds, as well as your weight scales.

Night Owl Feaster

Owls are associated with wisdom, i.e. Wise Old Owl. However, night owls that hit the fridge while generally watching the late show aren't being Diet Wise at all.  Late night eating packs on more pounds than eating during any other time of day. And who wants to invite unwanted pounds into their life?

Weight Loss Tip: Rather than hitting the fridge for that special Dagwood sandwich, or Rocky Road ice cream, opt for a warm cup of tea.  If you must have something solid, keep a bag of tiny cookies on hand. Most contain about 130 calories for 6 cookies, so you'll be getting a nice treat without a lot of Diet Damage.

Special Needs Dieter

Due to specific health conditions, a person may require a certain diet to ensure better health and a better quality of life. Click here for more information on special diet needs.

Mid-Life Dieter

This is the person who has been Diet Bad all of their young adult life, and who has suddenly decided that if they want to live longer, they must make a correction in the direction of their current unhealthy diet. Better late than never!

Weight Loss Tip: Stick to a diet plan that meets your personal needs until the unwanted weight is gone. But you'll need to couple your new healthy diet with some new healthy exercises.

Teen Dieter

Teens are among our most sensitive group of dieters because the majority of Teen Dieters want to lose weight for 'image' reasons rather than health reasons.

Weight Loss Tip: Be very careful not to scar your Diet Future with a crazy fad diet plan.  Some diets can do permanent damage to vital organs, particularly in teens when development is still taking place. Opt for a diet rich in natural foods rather than pizza, enjoy a salad with roasted chicken slices and light dressing. Instead of a sugary soda, choose a glass of calcium-fortified and Vitamin-D fortified skim milk. Rather than a popular candy bar, grab a piece of fresh fruit.

Senior Dieter

The Senior Dieter is the flip-side of the Teen Dieter. Teen Dieting centers around image seniors focus on health benefits. Although one can still look pretty sexy at 80, a good diet helps to ensure that the senior will continue to be sexy into their 90's going forward.

Seniors can benefit from exercise which strengthens everything from balance to bones. Constipation is a chief complaint in the senior group, so seniors should reach for foods high in fiber. Here is our list of fiber rich foods: spinach, Boston brown bread, carrots, kiwi fruit, acorn squash, corn, apples with the skin, whole wheat bread, oranges, sweet potatoes with the skin, raisins, oatmeal, cowpeas, blackberries, dried figs, bran flakes, baked beans, pears, pearled barley, and yes, popular prunes.

Veggie Hater

When I think of corn, beans, peas, onions and lovely mushrooms, I picture a basket of good things from the Good Earth. When a Veggie Hater thinks of corn, beans, peas, onions and mushrooms, they picture a dog-pile laying on the Good Earth.   It's hard to understand why folks don't love veggies, and I want to say, 'Just say it isn't so!" - but it is so.

Weight Loss Tips:

  Be sure to take a multi-vitamin every day to help make up for lost nutrition.  

Try revamping your veggies. Example: A Veggie Hater may hate carrots but discover that they love carrot and raisin salad.  

Experiment with herbs, spices and extracts to deliver unique tastes to your vegetables.

Pasta Lover

When a Low Carb Dieter sees a Pasta Lover, they see a White Vampire. Pasta is full of carbohydrates, calories and holds little nutritional value. But it's still tasty, particularly when it's dressed in meatballs and tomato sauce!

Weight Loss Tip: Opt for wheat pasta over white pasta to increase nutritional benefits.

Low Carb Dieter

The Protein Eaters! Carb dieters generally seek fast weight loss and a healthier diet.  However, low carb dieting does have risk, and may not be for you if you suffer from diabetes, heart disease, or require a special diet.  Teens should NOT venture into the Low Carb Diet Playing Field as there have been reports of teens dying while on carb restricted diets.

Weight Loss Tip: If you're low carb dieting and aren't certain what you should eat, a friend of mine who experienced great success on her low carb diet plan said, "If it's white, don't eat it."

Meat & Potatoes Dieter

The dieter is generally a male and enjoys simple food faire, yet food that is filling.

Weight Loss Tip: Slap your spud with no calorie butter spray than with butter.  Roast or grill meat rather than frying.  Avoid batter.

Trendy Dieter

This is the dieter who follows the diets that are most popular.

Weight Loss Tip: Most popular diets are fad diets. Fad diets are generally unhealthy and rarely render lasting weight loss results. Fad diets may be harmful to your health with permanent side effects. Fad diet plans are definitely not fab.

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