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Weight Loss Articles: The Ethnic Equation & Weight, Vitamins, Healthy Diet

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What is Your Diet Type - This article can assist in identifying hot spots in your weight loss plan, targeting problem areas and offering suggestions and solutions.

Auntie's Lemon Cranberry Pecan Bread - Our delicious dessert bread recipe that is low in caloric and fat content. Yes you can lose weight and enjoy this tasty dessert too!

Recipe for Diet Money Bags - And you can also enjoy this dessert while dieting as well as this low calorie recipe: Bold Basil's Bowl

Determining the Amount of Weight Your Need to Lose - How much weight do you really need to lose versus how much weight you want to lose. We have savvy tips to make losing weight easier.

The Midlife Crisis Dieter - We've given dieters with unique personalities a group all of their own. Could you be a mid-life crisis dieter? Or, are do you fall is this category: The Persnickety Dieter or this one: PMS Dieter or perhaps here: Mr. Cranky Dieter, here: The Lover Dieter, here: The Go Getter Dieter, here: The Party Animal Dieter, here: Night Owl Dieter or here: The Morning Person Dieter. You may wish to start here: Personality & Weight Factors

The Vitamin Shoppe - We'll show you how to be a savvy shopper, devising wise menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner that hold foods packed with healthy vitamins. Furthermore, Diet Vitamins - do they work? and Do Vitamins Slow Weight Gain in Older Adults?

Reference Daily Nutrition Guide - Current daily recommendations for vitamins the body requires for optimum nutrition.

Foods That Prevent Ageing - Our extensive lists of natural foods that can assist in slowing down the ageing process, based on healthy studies.

Bad Diet May Cause Hair Loss - Oh the woes of a bad diet plan that is poor in nutritional values. Hair-raising things can happen - things that you don't want to happen to you. More specifically, to that beautiful mane of hair.

Diet & Pregnancy - Should you go on a calorie-restricted diet while pregnant or for that matter, while you are a lactating mom?

Beans & Weight Loss - Using beans for weight loss and satiety power while dieting. More articles relating to beans and legumes: Bean Counter and Diet Bean Been Good! and Bean Family and Beans & Weight Loss and let's not forget Sweet Pea.

Need a few weight loss tips? What about this one: Milk Your Diet for All It's Worth or this one: The Fat Vat in The Old Diet Trail or any of the following articles.

Article to Assist With Weight Loss & Improved Health

Dieting With Family

 A Pattern for Weight Loss

Weight & Health Risks

Ideal Body Weight

Diet Bear or Diet Titmouse?

Wholly Cow

Can't Keep From Eating

Go Wild with Wild Rice in Your Diet!

Diet Fresh, Body Detox?

The Medicine Bag

Tom Thumb Meets Paul Bunyon

The Plant Huggers

What Dieters Want

The Moody Blues

Aunt Ann Ate Eight Eggs

Be a Loser

Carb Dehydration

Solving the Weight Loss Puzzle

Healthy Ethnic Meal

Obesity Risk Factors

How Spirituality Effects Weight

It's the Little Things That Count

The Lost Legume

Basil's House of Herbs

Relaxation Therapy

You Are What You Eat

Getting Bored Dieting?

Do Fat Genes Equal Fat Jeans

Beat Weight Loss:  Healthy Beets

Carnivore or Vegetarian

Drowning in too much H2O

Fat vs Fit

Your Weight Loss Plan

Smoking or Overweight Worse?

Keeping You Eye on the Diet Ball

Building Your Diet Menu

Food Pyramid Menu

Job Position Influences Weight

Let's Get Physical, Physical

New Approach to Weight Loss

Overweight Kid Relation to Obesity

Climate & Weight Loss

Blow Up the Bread Basket

The Red Hot Pepper

Weight & Dreary Climate

Diet Fandango

Good Morning Sunshine

Weight & Cold Climate

Spicy Diet

Unwise Diet Acts May Ax Diet

Weight & Hot Climate

Obesity Health Risks 

Lack of Sleep Connected to Obesity

Diets Requiring Special Needs

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Hispanic | Oriental | African American  | White American  | Irish | Scottish | English Diet | French Diet | Italian | German

Jewish Diet | American Indian Diet | The Islander Diet | The Arctic DietAborigine Diet | The Amish Diet | Polish

Middle Eastern Diet | Eskimo Diet | The Ethnic Diet Equation  |  Weight, Genes & the Ethnic Connection

The Cradle of Diet Civilization  |  Weight & Disease, the Ethnic Equation | Articles in this Section


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