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What is Your Diet Type - This article can assist in identifying hot spots in your weight loss plan, targeting problem areas and offering suggestions and solutions.

Auntie's Lemon Cranberry Pecan Bread - Our delicious dessert bread recipe that is low in caloric and fat content. Yes you can lose weight and enjoy this tasty dessert too!

Recipe for Diet Money Bags - And you can also enjoy this dessert while dieting as well as this low calorie recipe: Bold Basil's Bowl

Determining the Amount of Weight Your Need to Lose - How much weight do you really need to lose versus how much weight you want to lose. We have savvy tips to make losing weight easier.

The Midlife Crisis Dieter - We've given dieters with unique personalities a group all of their own. Could you be a mid-life crisis dieter? Or, are do you fall is this category: The Persnickety Dieter or this one: PMS Dieter or perhaps here: Mr. Cranky Dieter, here: The Lover Dieter, here: The Go Getter Dieter, here: The Party Animal Dieter, here: Night Owl Dieter or here: The Morning Person Dieter. You may wish to start here: Personality & Weight Factors

The Vitamin Shoppe - We'll show you how to be a savvy shopper, devising wise menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner that hold foods packed with healthy vitamins. Furthermore, Diet Vitamins - do they work? and Do Vitamins Slow Weight Gain in Older Adults?

Reference Daily Nutrition Guide - Current daily recommendations for vitamins the body requires for optimum nutrition.

Foods That Prevent Ageing - Our extensive lists of natural foods that can assist in slowing down the ageing process, based on healthy studies.

Bad Diet May Cause Hair Loss - Oh the woes of a bad diet plan that is poor in nutritional values. Hair-raising things can happen - things that you don't want to happen to you. More specifically, to that beautiful mane of hair.

Diet & Pregnancy - Should you go on a calorie-restricted diet while pregnant or for that matter, while you are a lactating mom?

Beans & Weight Loss - Using beans for weight loss and satiety power while dieting. More articles relating to beans and legumes: Bean Counter and Diet Bean Been Good! and Bean Family and Beans & Weight Loss and let's not forget Sweet Pea.

Need a few weight loss tips? What about this one: Milk Your Diet for All It's Worth or this one: The Fat Vat in The Old Diet Trail.


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