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Vitamins May Slow Weight Gain
in Older Adults

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Adequate Vitamins, Better Metabolism Performance

Better metabolism, better digestion, and an in-sync melody of the vitamins and minerals within can help the dieter reach their weight loss goals a bit quicker and safer.  

Vitamins may also slow weight gain in older adults - just more reason to ensure you get your healthy daily dose.

Some vitamins, such as vitamin B12 depend on other vitamins to make them work. Just like our bodies, vitamins are both strong and delicate.

Vitamins are marvelous and do amazing things to keep the body running smooth. A vitamin deficiency may show up as a skin rash, a sore tongue or even let itself be known in the form of stomach cramps.

If you're feeling under the weather, pause and inspect your diet over the last couple of weeks. Was it in balance? Does it contain those all-important food groups? Or have you been concentrating on a couple of food groups more than others? If so, those left-out, ignored food groups will certainly make some loud protests.

For the best benefits, strive to get your daily dose of necessary vitamins from the foods and beverages that you insert into your daily diet plan. And for those times when you're ill or when your diet is restricted in calories - then yes, reach for the vitamin supplements which can assist in keeping your body in balance.

Ageing & Weight Gain

As to ageing and weight gain, as the body ages we may notice slight things every now and then. We may not be able to walk as far as we used to. Our bones and joints might keep us awake at night. We may experience more digestive issues than we used to. Even our level of friskiness diminishes.

Simply put, as the body ages - it slows down - including the metabolic rate. Our body is not capable of processing the energy that we're feeding it as it was in our youth.

If we were animals living in the jungle among the younger in our group, we would face a much higher risk of being another critter's breakfast, lunch, dinner - or even a light snack. We wouldn't be as strong, or have as much endurance as we did in our younger years.

Even individuals who keep working out, who keep exercising - no one has found a method for beating ageing or death.

But there are things that we can do to ensure that we'll be our best as we age.

By ensuring that we're getting our necessary amount of vitamins for the day, we can actually control weight gain.

And oh that pesky weight gain. Because the body isn't as efficient as it was in our younger years, the metabolism doesn't do as efficient as job as it used to. Nor do we work off the amount of calories that we were able to amid our younger years.

Therefore, for the older adult, assuring that vitamin requirements are met can play a really great role where weight is concerned whether consumed with natural foods or vitamin supplements.

And it happens to the best of individuals - weight gain as the body ages. No matter how carefully the daily diet is monitored, pounds love the ageing body. But by reaching for those vitamins, we just might slow down the process.

Other effective methods for controlling weight gain as we age is to trim calories from the daily diet (I know) as well as to increase our activity level.

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