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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Daily Health Dose of Vitamins, Necessary for Optimum Health

Today - let's enjoy a bit of shopping.

No, not for clothes or other items that might look gorgeous in our humble homes, but let's do some savvy shopping for foods which contain healthy doses of vitamins.

And let's visit each 'department' (Food Group). This will be fun. Let's concentrate on best choices for daily requirements and which foods make the best as well as naughty choices on the menu.

Grain Group Vitamin-Rich Diet Menus

Breakfast Choices: We have two foods before us, a hearty bowl of oatmeal and a delicious looking Cheese Danish. While the Danish looks so tasty and the oatmeal looks so bland, it would be so easy to reach for the unhealthy grain choice. So let's add a teaspoon of chopped walnuts to our oatmeal, a spoon of brown sugar and just a few dried cranberries. Now, isn't that better? And the oats will keep us feeling nice and full until lunch rolls around.

Lunch Choices: Along with our lunch today we can either enjoy a slice of white bread or a slice of whole grain bread. We're going to reach for the whole grain goodness and our full tummy will thank us for hours to come.

Dinner Choices: This evening we have two foods on the menu that accompany the meal. Should we opt for a wedge of cornbread and light margarine? Or should we opt for the 35 calorie rice cake? Let's go with the cornbread. It's a long time until breakfast arrives and that rice cake won't stick with us. Because we're using reduced fat margarine, we're making a very wise choice.

Vegetable Group Vitamin-Rich Diet Menus

Breakfast Choices: We have a cup of carrot juice on the menu as well as the option of some sauteed veggies that can go into our skinny omelet. Let's go with the solid vegetables as they will satisfy us longer than the juice.

Lunch Choices: We see fried okra and pickled okra on the menu. Naturally, let's go with the pickled. It contains eons less calories as well as fat grams, particularly if we end up dipping the fried okra into that side of ranch dressing.

Dinner Choices: Should we go with the onion rings or the baked potato. You got it - the baked spud. We can even add a dollop of reduced fat margarine and light sour cream - and still have calories to spare in comparison to the basket of onion rings.strawberry

Fruit Group Vitamin-Rich Diet Menus

Breakfast Choices: We have a cup of cranberry juice or a banana. We're going with Mister Banana because he's packed with B vitamins and potassium - the things our body needs particularly when dieting. And we can slice him up and toss some into our bowl of healthy whole grain cereal.

Lunch Choices: Should be opt for caramelized bananas or a wine glass filled with sweet whole strawberries and a serving of light whipped cream? Let's take the strawberries; sure - they contain fewer calories, and we had banana for breakfast, right? We can resist the sweeter temptation.

Dinner Choices: Peach cobbler and angel food cake topped with fresh strawberries and light whipped cream are our choices. Okay, we had strawberries for lunch - but the peach cobbler is bubbling with caloric and fat content. Let's go red one more time!

Protein Group Vitamin-Rich Diet Menus

Breakfast Choices: Bacon or lean ham? If the bacon is cooked in the microwave, let's go bacon for only 25 calories per slice. The good old microwave cooks out most of those fatty calories.

Lunch Choices: Lean ham sandwich or a serving of beans. We're opting for the vegetable protein. Very filling, and they will stick to our ribs until it's time to enjoy our dinner.

Dinner Choices: Lean ham or fried chicken? Okay - now it's time to grab the lean ham.

Dairy Group Vitamin-Rich Diet Menus

Breakfast Choices: Skim milk or whole? Let's save some calories and fat grams by opting for the reduced fat milk. While the whole milk is 97% fat free, it contains 160 calories compared to skim milk's 90 calories per serving.

Lunch Choices: Should we enjoy the full-blown chocolate pudding for dessert or a skinny shake? Because the skinny shake is prepared with skim milk and fresh frozen sliced fruit it is going to be our healthiest choice.

Dinner Choices: Ice cream is on the menu but it's reduced fat. Or should we choose a single serving of full-blown yogurt? Let's opt for the ice cream as the tiny container of yogurt will contain more fat and calories per serving.

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