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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Drowning in H2O, The Watered-Down Truth

Why do some gimmicks become so popular?

The World of Retail drives our thoughts on many products because they are indeed in the business to sell things. And the more they sell, the better - at times, even at the expense of their fellow humans' health.

The sad this is that true abuse in the United States often goes unpunished. For example, Company X runs heavy advertisements on a particular weight loss supplement that produces 'miracle-like' results.

Weight Loss Scamming

It may take a bit of time, but eventually Company X will be proven to have been involved in a money-making scheme. Over the course of the least two years - when the product was first introduced, let's assume they raked in ten million dollars. This is often the case - with these types of schemers pulling in millions at the consumers' expense.

The end result - because we really can't justify it as a type of punishment. They might be fined $100,000 to half a million. For argument's sake - let's say they are fined a cool million dollars.

They still walk away with a million dollars in their pockets - rewarded for tricking consumers into buying into their weight loss scheme. We could take a huge chunk out of crime if scammers were not allowed to keep any of their profit. But such is today's law. Not very fair, is it?

One gimmick that has been focused on in recent years has been water consumption.

Not your standard, healthy eight cups (not glasses because one never knows how much water a particular glass container may hold) per day.

These water scams are related to the premise of "the more you drink, the cleaner your body's system will be". That's the standard marketing pitch. And of course, NATURAL spring water is the best according to the old marketing pitches. While consumers are racing to purchase this spring water, the manufacturers are pushing dough into their already-fat bank accounts.

While water is essential in keeping the body in tune, too much water can be damaging. How damaging? Here are the facts about too much water in the daily diet:

Too much water can be lethal.

The body is made up almost entirely of water and internal vitamins and minerals work to balance the body so that it performs.  

When too much water is introduced, an imbalance occurs. The body goes from hydrated to over hydrated to totally dehydrated.

A red flag was waved a few years back as long-distance runners started getting very ill - with some runners dying amid competition although they were hydrating with water amid the competition. The water only served to dilute existing vitamins and minerals - making the condition even worse.

To provide an example of how nutsy-coo-coo the water factor has become:

The recommendation for water consumption in the desert: about 1 gallon per day.  

I've seen individuals keep a gallon jug of water at their desk with this task in mind, "My goal is to drink the gallon of water by the end of my eight hour shift," actually thinking they were doing a healthy thing for their body.

Diet Bites Water & Hydration Tips

Get in your healthy eight cups of water per day. Drink more if you're involving a lot of activity in your routine. And of course, drink more water during warmer periods.

Reach for water rather than soda, sugary beverages, tea or coffee.

The water from your faucet is free, safe and generally delicious, something that Spring water companies keep under their hats.

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