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Is Coke Making You Fat?

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Nutritional Ignorance, Uneducated Politicians

Sure, the world is getting larger these days, and in a desperate attempt to deflate citizens of certain politician's arenas - they have decided that soft drinks of certain sizes sold at fast food restaurants are the culprits.

Just think about it: "If we get rid of the large drinks, then the population's girth will shrink. It's a small step for our community in the area of conquering fat - and a giant leap for mankind. And a whole lotta votes for me..."

For those of us who know a thing or two about nutrition - frankly, this plan is bizarre.

They leave a 1230 calorie TRIPLE cheeseburger on the menu that also contains 82 total fat grams - 32 saturated fat grams and 2 Trans fat grams along with 1340 grams of sodium and 160 milligrams of cholesterol - and shutdown the Coca-Cola Classic which contains 380 calories for the 40 fluid ounce size - 0 lipids and only 10 mg's of sodium?

What in the world are these politicians thinking? And these tactics only serve to hurt those with a thin pocketbook - who purchase and share the larger drink.

Is Coca-Cola Making You Fat?


And we might add: ABSOLUTELY NO!

In fact, the stress that we experience from the idiocy of many politicians would be more-likely the culprit for weight gain. Stress is at the top of the totem pole of Weight Gain.

To understand obesity - one almost has to experience the situation, personally. It's not just certain foods that create an overweight condition - rather all foods.

And if we were to pick the Fat-Gain Monsters at restaurants, full-blown soda would be at the bottom of our list - below many of the salad options.

In fact, some of these salads hold 700 or more calories - and that's without the dressing at times. Croutons even.

About Soda Banning

Sometimes people mean well but in the process, reveal their ignorance.

Such is the case where the banning of certain size drinks are concerned while the triple-meat, triple-cheese burgers containing full-blown Mayo are displayed on the menu.

As to those triples - as well as the giant beverages, these are personal choices. When government begins to delve into our pocketbooks - that's one thing.

But when they start to delve into the bottom of our bellies, it's quite another. While they wonder which stunt they can do next that will grant them a curious audience for re-election or notoriety purposes, the greater public continues to have their own wonders about politicians.

And finally, at one fast food restaurant - we have a 980 calorie chocolate milk shake on the menu (20 fluid ounces). In comparison to the Coke that is 40 fluid ounces, it contains 24 grams of total fat, 27 grams of saturated fat and 65 milligrams of cholesterol. It contains 150 grams of sugar while the Coke contains 102 grams. This one example reveals the ignorance, doesn't it?

The shake contains more sugar grams than the Coke which is considerably larger.

Carbonated water isn't as damaging as certain lipids to the human body. We can live with rotted teeth and they are easily extracted - but it's an entirely different situation where plugged arteries are concerned.

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