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When You Can't Stop Eating

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors. Quote Source: (African)

Have you ever been on a diet and felt totally helpless because the Diet Seas were tossing your Diet Plan right out of the Diet Boat?  I sure know how that feels. 

At one time in my life, I was so ashamed because I had gained so much weight. No matter how hard that I tried to make headway on my diet plan, I was never able to fully succeed until my last diet going on two decades ago.

I have reflected on my massive weight gain many times. 

How, why, when and where in the heck did I gain over 100 pounds? 

And then I stop and think, "Know what? I am GLAD that I did! How in the world would I know anything about dieting and losing weight if I had never been through the painful ordeal myself?" 

And that fact separates me from the rest of the Diet Gurus, of which 99% (probably more) don't even have an inkling what it is like to drop a significant amount of weight. "Smooth Diet Seas do not make Skillful Diet Sailors." 

My Diet Seas were always so rough, so wild and wooly and I kept falling into the water without a Diet Life Preserver in place. From all my mistakes that I made over all those years, I learned. 

And one day, I listened to my body. 

And when I dropped the weight, I learned further still about what works correctly, how to lose weight safely, and about how a person who is struggling with weight loss truly feels.

I hope that each visitor that drops into Diet Bites receives self motivation, encouragement and a lot of good information that will help them will the Weight Loss Battle.

Dieting Success & Failure

When it comes to losing weight, it is often accompanied with more attempts backed by failure than success. If everyone could reach all of their fitness goals on the first plan that they undertake - how simple the process of dropping those extra pounds would be.

If we pause and think about it, the situation is quite pitiful. Every days, hundreds of thousands of individuals decide to go on a weight loss plan. Of those, almost all will fail to achieve their goal weight, their fitness goals as well as to maintain their recommended weight for the remainder of their life.

It's sad because all of these individuals enter the process with every intent on succeeding in reaching their goals. They alter their current menus; they often embrace foods that contain reduced fat and sugar content. They also work hard to establish an exercise and activity routine that will assist in building muscle and vigor.

A very small percentage of new dieters will lose the unwanted weight.

An even smaller percentage will remain on a fitness program after their weight loss plan ends. And an even smaller percentage will continue to maintain their recommended weight for the remainder of their lives.

Indeed, it is a very difficult undertaking. The best solution for dealing with weight gain is to avoid gaining weight in the first place.

But I want to leave you with hope because without hope there is no vision. I am one of the very small number of people who have lost a substantial amount of weight - and who remains active - and who has maintained my recommended weight.

Therefore, while very difficult - it's definitely not impossible. Please, keep in mind that when you start your new plan - to follow through. It's the only way to break the weight gain circle, permanently.

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