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The Spirituality Weight Factors

Written by Diet Bites

How Spirituality Influences Weight

Spirituality can play a big roll in the weight of an individual.  

Let's use 'Fishy Friday' as an example:

FISHY FRIDAY: For many years during the 1950's and 1960's, spirituality even effected the school menu.

As a child, I resided in the Bible Belt of the good old USA, but even so, the staunch smell of baked fish floated from the school cafeteria every Friday.  

Then at some point in the late 1960's, fish vanished off of the Friday school menus.

It's a history-changing event that I've never heard anyone comment on before. All that fish, all those Protestants, and always on Friday.

Nonetheless, the schools would be wise to reinstate Fishy Friday due to health concerns surrounding the growing number of overweight kids.

Here are some other key points that demonstrate how Spirituality influences weight:

 People who implement spirituality into their lives tend to be happier and more content than those who don't. Happiness translates to a vision of satisfaction. When one is satisfied, they are less likely to overeat.

 The feeling of contentment versus one of stress is also a contributing factor to a person's weight. People who experience an overload of stress in their life may seek comfort in the form of food.

And of course, even stress that arrives on our door step of life in a positive form is still stress. Both negative and positive stress have an impact on what we weigh.

 Among ethnic groups, some foods may be forbidden in the diet, while other foods are encouraged.

The foods and beverages that we consume are recognized by our body as energy. There is nothing that impacts what we weigh more than the amount of energy that we consume. Too much and we become fat. Too little and we become frail.

The Balance of Energy

And while we can balance energy intake with activity and exercise (energy spent) the daily diet still rules when it comes to governing those oh-so-important numbers on our bathroom scales.

 Fasting and feasting events associated with Spirituality also work to shape the numbers on the weight scales.  

 A person may seek help from God as support for weight issues which in turn can trim down the numbers on the weight scales.

And finally, being the daughter of a minister I remember far too many church socials that involved some notorious naughty foods. When the church held visitation, there were always several boxes of fresh donuts lined-up for the membership to snack on after visitation ended. And it generally ended about 8 pm at night - far too late to be eating as the body is winding down for the long night's rest - and particularly eating something as unhealthy as glazed and filled donuts.

And all those 'dinners on the ground' and church picnics, Bible School - and get togethers. While it was fun for the adults to socialize, all that food was socializing too much, with too many bodies.

While many a desperate dieter has relied on prayer to get them through a difficult time, we must also make full use of our senses and make wise choices where our daily menus are concerned. This is one of the best tactics in battling weight gain and achieving victory.

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