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Permanent Obesity & Overweight
Risk Factors

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Weighing in your risks of being overweight?

If you are currently overweight, do you ever wonder what the odds are of actually losing the unwanted weight?  If so, the following questions might help get you on a healthier track, and answer some of those throbbing weight related questions, too.

Are you an adult and currently overweight?

If you are currently overweight, you must find a healthy diet and lose the extra pounds because most young adults who remain overweight, pick up more even more unwanted weight as the years move forward into their middle-adulthood.

Many times, the amount of weight they gain is so great they may feel it is impossible to trim down to a healthy weight.

The risk of remaining obese for currently obese adults is high; just take a look around at the people you know who are struggling with their weight.  Most individuals will gain weight rather than lose weight if they are already struggling with being overweight.

And if they lose weight, then gain it back, they will generally gain back to a size bigger than they were before the diet.

Please don't let this happen to you.  

Get on a diet plan, lose the weight, maintain your recommended weight and be done with it.  You have other things in life to concentrate on.

What is the chief reason for weight gain? Is it our gene pool? A lack of activity? Too much fast food?

Weight gain occurs 99% of the time because an individual overeats. It only takes a couple of minutes to scarf down a lot of calories that will take days or weeks to get back off again. It's just not worth it those few moments or minutes that it takes to consume the overage of calories.

Why losing weight matters as the future gains ground.

For the person who remains overweight into their later years, many of the health problems that come about are due to weight gain. And because of such, they end up cutting their life short because they couldn't manage to harness their food and beverage consumption.  

Old age comes quicker than we think, and more times than not, over eating cuts life short.

My mother started having weight issues as she approached her middle age years. From the time she reached forty until she reached seventy years of age, she gained about twenty-five pounds every decade going forward.

The added weight cost her the use of her brain after three consecutive strokes. She now has the brain of a small child and may continue to live for some years to come.

If only she had kept her weight in check - if only she had lost those extra pounds and had not allowed them to accumulate, she might very well still have her mind.

My father shortened his life significantly as he had diabetes and couldn't lose the excess weight. It ended up taxing his heart and kidneys. Even his doctors could not get him to follow a healthy, lower calorie diet plan.  

Like so many other individuals, he continued to eat what he enjoyed - and he relied on medications to control his health issues rather than losing weight.

Simply put, we are in charge of our own fate to a good degree. Getting in shape can help turn you into a healthier you while cutting risks.

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