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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Rapid Weight Gain Issues

Jenny glanced in her full length looking glass wondering how she had gotten so blown out of her pants.  

Hanging wads here, big globs there, thunder thighs down south, and to the north, a broken heart.  

Let's see if we can learn why Jenny gained 80 pounds in five years.

Jenny has a very stressful, very busy job. She's always on the go at work and on those days when she is not feeling well, she doesn't even call in sick if she can crawl to her car.

Once Jenny arrives home, she continues a busy schedule.

Because it's so busy at work and at home, Jenny almost always dines on fast food.   This translates to cheeseburgers, fries, onion rings, malts, fried fish, greasy tacos, hot dogs, fried apple pies, donuts and fried chicken strips with ranch dressing.

The fried food not only contributes to weight gain if Jenny exceeds her daily energy needs - fat from fried foods tends to be stored in the abdominal area and around the vital organs. Even thin people who over-dose on fried foods and fatty desserts experience such.

Let's get back to Jenny....

Although Jenny is always on the go, her activity comes in short increments, so it's never enough to raise her heart rate for a significant amount of time, which would serve to strengthen it and contribute to Jenny's overall health.

Because Jenny is always so busy, she hasn't got time to prepare healthier meals, or to exercise or to simply relax.

Getting in Touch With Reality - Losing Weight Now to Prevent More Unwanted Weight Gain, Health Issues

If Jenny  continues on this same course, she will continue to gain weight. Jenny is setting up a domino effect that will go something like this:

- more weight gain

- weaker heart and body

- life will be filled with more stress due to weight gain and feeling of ill health

- with no time to relax, Jenny will be adding to her stress level

In Summary

If this situation sounds a bit familiar, slow down, relax and smell the roses. We all believe that everything we do is very important in life, but even when the best of us passes on, someone else is there to pick up the torch and run.

Keep in mind that fast food is generally packed in fat and calories. Eat enough cheeseburgers and you'll end up looking like one. Keep in mind " we are what we eat".

By taking time to relax, and taking time to prepare healthier meals, and taking time to refresh yourself, you'll be adding years to your life so you can do all those things that you want to do.

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