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Can I Diet While
Pregnant or Breastfeeding?

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Dieting While Breastfeeding or Pregnant, Is it Wise?

One question we are frequently asked  by women is, "I am pregnant (or breastfeeding) and would like to know if dieting is safe during this time?"

The answer: No. NOT a restricted diet should not be attempted by any nursing mom or pregnant female except under the advice and supervision of their personal physician.

HOWEVER, implementing a healthier diet of natural foods will render a healthier mother AND baby - whether breastfeeding or pregnant.

Calorie Restriction Poses Risk to Baby & Mother

Restricting calories and carbohydrates while pregnant or breastfeeding places the mother in jeopardy.  

The body must have 'x' amount of nutrients per day, which is pulled from the foods in the daily diet. When the nutrients aren't supplied naturally, the body goes to other sources that are stored within, and over a period of time, the storehouse may become depleted.

The baby's health can also be impacted - so don't believe the wive's tale about a baby getting their nutritional needs, regardless of the mother's daily diet.

After having the baby, new moms are excited about getting back to their former shape.

Generally, they will have gained too many pounds amid the pregnancy and they want to lose them as quickly as they can. After all, it's been a very long nine months - almost a year out of their life where they've had to tolerate their larger size to accommodate baby.

Much patience is required because it's going to take the new mother at least six months to fully recover from the pregnancy and from giving birth.

It's like planning a trip from Florida to California. You can't get there overnight - but by going a ways every day, eventually you will reach your destination. Again - it requires much patience and understanding.

Although pregnancy and breastfeeding may seem like an eternity, it's merely a blip in time and will pass. During this time, try to keep in mind that EVERYONE is actually on a diet - a daily diet per say.  

Sensible Health & Dieting Tips During Pregnancy & Lactation

The following diet tips may help with your daily diet during pregnancy and breastfeeding months:

When reaching for a dessert, reach for fruit.

When fishing for fish in your daily diet, avoid swordfish, king mackerel, tilefish and shark which may contain a higher level of mercury than other fish.  

There has been a Fish War in battle for the last few years in the Health World regarding the safe number of fish that one can eat per week. Most fish are high in Omega 3's which benefit the heart. As the war rages, we recommend that you ask your doctor about your safe dosage of fish per week during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Skinny vegetables become weighted down in butter, cream sauces and cheese. Season your vegetables with natural spices and ask your doctor about the no calorie butter sprays and any seasonings that you should avoid, including sugar substitutes.

Milk your daily diet for all it's worth!  Reach for healthy milk rather than carbonated water, sugary beverages, tea and coffee.

Hide the salt shaker and enjoy foods without adding additional salt. Sodium contributes to swelling due to water retention and creates additional pressure on the mother-to-be.

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