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Weight Loss, The Plant Huggers

Written by Diet Bites

The Healthier of Dieters

If you are searching for fast weight loss, you may want to consider converting into a Plant Hugger.  Diet Plant Huggers enjoy an array of healthy foods that tend to be low in calories and high in nutrition.

Here is a good example of what becoming a Plant Hugger can accomplish:

Dieter Wendy enjoys a cup of pinto beans for lunch for about 240 calories. Afterwards, she is so full that she fears she might explode. It's hard to believe that while losing weight, one doesn't need to go hungry.

Dieter Mitch chooses to eat one of the popular versions of a 'healthy' frozen dinner. The meal contains almost 500 calories and is no bigger than a frozen hockey puck. An hour later, Dieter Mitch is starving. He is so hungry that he is considering going off of his diet.  

On the other hand, Dieter Wendy is still as full as a tick.  Wendy is what Diet Bites defines as a Diet Plant Hugger.  Whenever she eats, she searches for 'plant foods' first.  She chooses squash over macaroni, sweet potatoes over cheese, and asparagus over chips.

It's very hard to go wrong on your diet plan when you're a Plant Hugger.

To recap: Being a Diet Plant Hugger is a good way to drop extra pounds quickly due to tiny calories.  Hug a healthy plant today and keep the Diet Love going.

A Day in the Life of a Plant Hugger, Penny's Diet Plan

Let's take a look at what a daily diet might look like for Plant Hugger Penny who is on a weight loss plan. She chooses foods for her meal plates that are close to Mother Nature - and which are unrefined, or as close to natural as possible. This ensures the fewest calories and fat grams for her weight loss plan.

Diet Breakfast Meal Plate

A two-egg omelet prepared with reduced fat margarine rather than butter. While two eggs will be used, only one of the yolks will be inside the omelet. The other can be used for another purpose; the dieter only wants to allow one inside the gate because the yolk contains all of the cholesterol that can build over time and clog the arteries of the circulatory system.

Penny will also sauté sliced mushrooms, bell peppers and chopped onions to put into her two-egg omelet. She will also enjoy a slice of whole grain toast with just a teaspoon of the reduced fat margarine as well as a serving of 50 calorie reduced sugar orange juice which contains no sugar substitute.

Healthy Morning Snack: Penny enjoys a large apple.

Diet Lunch Meal Plate

She enjoys a whole grain pita pocket stuffed with lean proteins, reduced fat cheese and two cups of assorted raw vegetables and sprouts. She also enjoys a cup of reduced fat milk with her lunch.

Afternoon Snack: One large banana.

Diet Dinner Meal Plate

Penny enjoys a serving of black beans, a wedge of golden Mexican cornbread with reduced fat margarine, a serving of beautiful glazed orange carrots and a cup of reduced fat milk.

Healthy Bedtime Snack: One cup of reduced fat cottage cheese with a serving of drained pineapple.

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