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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

What contributes more to weight loss - exercise or diet?

Although diet holds the upper hand, exercise works hand in hand with your diet; you'll reach your weight loss goals much faster when an effective exercise program pops into your daily routine - one that you'll keep embracing day in and day out.

Exercise can help you accomplish all of the following.

Thinner Body Appearance, Added Strength & Health Boost

Exercise can make you look thinner; muscles tone up and thin is suddenly in!

Exercise strengthens from within - bones, heart, even your tiny toes will feel recharged and stronger.

Exercise can make you healthier, so you'll save money on those doctor visits.

Unless you drop a shot-put on one of your recharged toes, of course....

Exercise & the Metabolic Impact

Exercise increases metabolism; food is processed more efficiently; and yes, weight loss follows a good weight loss plan.

How much can you burn off?  Here are a few examples based on a 150 pound individual per 1/2 hour of activity:

Chopping Wood


Riding a Bike

About 300 calories

About 200 calories

About 225 calories

The above activities are calculated on fast performance - fast wood chopping, rowing like crazy, and riding a bike so fast that your legs could catch on fire.  

Here are a few more activities and the approximate number of calories burned:

Brushing Teeth

Mowing Lawn

Digging Worms

About 85 calories

About 160 calories

About 160 calories

Keep in mind the following:

The above numbers incorporate the amount of calories that the individual would normally burn.  Example: A 150 pound person burns about 55 calories per hour - when dormant, such as when sleeping.  

In Summary

Activity works towards strengthening the muscles in the body, as well as the lungs. For fast weight loss results, mix exercise with a dynamite weight loss plan. It's base? The official food pyramid and all of the healthy food groups housed therein.

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