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Personality & Weight Factors

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

What type of Diet Personality are you?

Morning person? Night Owl? Go Getter or Lover? What about the other end of the spectrum such as Cranky, PMS or Midlife Crisis? A Persnickety Dieter or Party Animal Dieter?

Whatever your Diet Personality, it's important to get in touch with your inner self - to know who you are, to know who you want to be, and to stay who you are, no matter what size you are.

Many times, weight loss can change a person's personality. They may be so caught up in pride over their weight loss accomplishment, or thrilled over the way their new size looks and feels on them that they go from Jekyll to Hyde, unknowingly.

In regards to the Dieting Personalities, our personalities influence the way that we eat.  

If you would like to know more about how personality influences the way an individual gains weight, loses weight and maintains weight, then click on the links in the first paragraph of this article. We provide some very savvy weight loss tips that can assist amid troubling moments along the path to weight loss.

Moods, Weight Loss, Weight Gain Connection

Let's address some of our most common moods as humans and see how they relate to gaining and losing weight.

State of Happiness & Dieting

When we're happy we tend to celebrate and let our hair down. And when we celebrate it generally involves eating. We may celebrate at our favorite restaurant - or by eating a half-gallon of Rocky Road ice cream.

When we stay within the amount of calories necessary to support our weight - then weight gain will not ensue. But more often than not, when we're celebrating, we do so with intensity.

Amid weight loss, strive to transfer celebrations with food with other types of celebrations that have nothing to do with food. Reward yourself with a new outfit. Enjoy chilling out with your favorite book. Spend some time with a dear friend, sharing your good news.

State of Sadness & Dieting

Just as when we're feeling happy, when we're feeling blue we also reach for food. It's comforting, it won't talk to us and say anything that might hurt our feelings or cause us grief. Unfortunately, it has another way of hurting us via our health.

When dieting and seized with unhappiness, rather than seeking comfort with food, try to get in touch with your mood and find out why you're so unhappy. Was it due to something someone said?

That someone did to you? Did you experience an unpleasant experience?

Keep in mind that sadness or feeling blue isn't the same situation as feeling grieved. Generally, a mood of sadness doesn't stick with us more than a day or so.

When feeling sad, try to lift your spirits by listening to your favorite music, watching a humorous movie or reading a good book.

State of Boredom & Dieting

This can be a very dangerous mood when the boredom is related to your weight loss plan. Even when it's not, the bored individual generally drifts towards the kitchen or their favorite fast food establishment more often than not - yet again, a dangerous place to be when one is trying their best to lose weight.

If you are bored with your weight loss plan, you'll need to step up your game. Look for tasty foods to put into your diet plan.

As humans, we tend to get locked into routines. While routines are great and can even assist in helping us maintain a healthy weight, a routine that applies to diet menus isn't a good thing.

If you're bored with your menus, then the diet just isn't going to last.

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