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Obesity & Health Risks

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Risks to Health Associated With Obesity

Before we go into the risks associated with obesity, we want to make it clear that just because a person is obese it's not a guarantee for increased negative health risks. Plenty of people who are obese live to a ripe old age without health woes.

Genes Map Future

Simply put, our genes have mapped-out our lives from the moment that we entered this good old earth. For those individuals who come from a lineage that enjoys a very long life with few health woes, that's very desirable.

For those who don't tend to have long-lived genes, there are indeed things we can do that may increase how long we live as well as the quality of life we have while we're alive.

Therefore, the purpose of this article isn't to frighten the overweight individual, rather to pinpoint potential health issues that are more commonly found in individuals who are overweight than in those who are at their ideal or recommended weight.

One thing is certain, health studies and research on overweight individuals have led to conclusive evidence that there is a connection with obesity and many health issues. And again - not every overweight and obese individual may be impacted by foul health.

Here are just a few of the top health problems in which obesity increases risk and places the overweight individual in a situation where they have a higher chance of getting the disease/health problem than someone who is at a healthy weight.

Obesity Health Risks

The following health issues may be enhanced by obesity due to the amount of fatty foods that are consumed.

gall bladder disease

heart disease


high blood pressure

The following health issues may be enhanced by obesity AND genes.

heart disease

circulatory problems

varicose veins

unhealthy levels of cholesterol



The following health issues may be enhanced by obesity, and are general problems associated with being overweight:

shortness of breath


emotional problems

Other potential health issues that are enhanced through obesity include incontinence (leakage of urine), arthritis (pain may be enhanced as weight puts strain on the joints, particularly the knees and ankles), kidney problems and gout.

Overweight females may find difficultly in conceiving.

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