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The Morning Person Dieter

Written by Diet Bites

Diet, Weight Loss & Personality Factors

Are You a Morning Dieter?

If you enjoy the following activities, you just may be a morning person: fishing, hunting, bird watching, hiking, photography, walking, cooking.

Morning people absolutely love the mornings. Nothing lifts their spirits more than the dawn of a new day.  

They may arise early to watch the sun rise, or take a walk on a nearby beach or lake front. They may talk a nature walk in hopes of glimpsing a beautiful spider's web sparkling in dew as the sunlight streams a beam through the forest.

The Morning Person Dieter is at the top of the Diet Totem Pole when it comes to weight loss and weight management.  

The advantage is that the morning person is charged, ready to face the day ahead.   Because of such, the Morning Person Dieter generally enjoys a hearty breakfast, and by the time the late afternoon arrives, they begin shutting down, so the evening hours are spent progressing towards rest time rather than eating time.

Some of the situations that could crash a Morning Person diet include:

- Incorporating too many fatty foods into the breakfast meal. Bacon, eggs, gravy, pancakes, syrup, butter, whole milk, waffles, French toast, sausage and biscuits are all foods that can be high in fat and calories. Fast food breakfast spots may also stalk the Morning Person Dieter.  

- Spending late evening time in front of the television enjoying unhealthy snacks during the wind-down phase of the day.

- If the Morning Person Dieter isnít able to incorporate activity into the early hours of the day, they may be too tired to do such later in the day.

Dieting Solutions & Tips for the Morning Person Dieter:  

Consider turkey bacon, egg substitute - or using 2 whites to one yolk as the yolk contains the girth of cholesterol and calories.

Consider sugar free, or reduced sugar varieties of syrup.

Switch to no calorie butter spray and ditch the butter.  

Blot bacon and sausages with a paper towel to absorb grease.

While watching television, incorporate AND limit healthy snacks such as hot air popcorn and top with no calorie butter spray.  

Enjoy fat free fruity yogurt, a piece of raw fruit, or snack on a bag of raw carrots. Itís hard to go overboard with raw carrots as they contain few calories and it doesnít take many to get your fill.

Continue exercising early in the day and try to also enjoy a nice evening walk.

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