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Midlife Crisis Dieter, Diet Personality Types

Written by Diet Bites

Are you a Midlife Crisis Dieter?

The Midlife Crisis Dieter is filled with mixed emotions and indecisiveness. This type of dieting personality isnít certain which way to turn.  

They may have enjoyed a former life filled with cream puffs and bar-b-qued ribs, but all that flinging into the wind without a care for the morrow is starting to fly back into their face. The weight loss challenge  must now be faced Ė head on in order to avoid a collision with their good health, causing a complete derailment.

The other - totally opposite situation involving the Midlife Crisis Dieter is that they may have enjoyed a healthy daily diet for the majority of their life - thus far.

Mid-Stage of Life Presents Challenges, Particularly in the Daily Diet

It's suddenly decision time. They are at the mid-stage of life. And because life is always uncertain, some of us are here today and will be gone come the morrow. Our days on earth are indeed, numbered.

At times, it's so easy to forget that we have a limited time here. We as humans have devised this nifty way of life that fills our days with nonsense. Unlike the cave days when the tribe danced, shared and made merry most of their days, we're working hard so that we can buy more toys to play with - adult ones; we need more trinkets, collectibles and so forth. There there are those of us who have no toys and struggle just to put food on the table.

Healthy Body Weight vs Comfort

And as our Midlife dieter considers all of these factors, they are also rethinking their current diet and are trying to decide if they want to go into their golden years:

1) a Healthy Weight in Wrinkles OR 2) Wrinkled With a Satisfied Appetite.

Tips for Getting Healthier in Mid-Life

And yet another situation involving the Midlife Crisis Dieter is trying to hold onto oneís youth by way of a better diet and healthier lifestyle. If so, this is a great place for the Midlife Dieter to be and keeping this in mind, here are some healthy, diet-wise suggestions.

Activity Level

Be as active as possible. Working out builds muscles, strengthens bones and lungs and muscles require more calories to support that fat - so you can eat more without gaining weight.

Grab onto an activity that you absolutely LOVE whether it is sewing or golfing. Be sure to build and strengthen your balance as you grow older as seniors experience more falls as they age. And the impact isn't as healthy an outlook as it was in their younger years. Many times when seniors experience a broken hip, they assume that they have fallen - when in fact, the leg gave way as the hip fractured.

Daily Diet

Incorporate foods into your diet that work to prevent ageing. Click here for foods that prevent ageing.

Enjoy a healthy diet that is build upon the solid and trusted foundation of the Official Food Pyramid. Be certain to consume your minimal Food Group recommendations. Add foods with color to your daily diet and plenty of whole grains as well as foods containing significant amounts of dietary fiber.

Eat at regular intervals to keep blood sugar levels stable. And keep on schedule as to your sleeping hours as well as the hours reserved for exercise and activity.

Make snack time, raw food time by enjoying fresh fruit and veggies.

Adequate Sleep, Hydration & Vitamin Tips

Get ample sleep. Whether we are young, middle age or elderly - we look and feel our best when we're fully rested.

Drink water rather than soda during the day and be sure to get in your eight healthy cups each day, and more depending on your activity level.

Take a multi-vitamin as you grow older to ensure that your body is receiving optimum nutrition. Vitamins are essential in controlling our weight. If we skimp, we might get a little unwanted surprise on our bathroom weighing scales.

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