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Metabolism & Weight Loss

Do Fat Genes Equal Fat Jeans?

Written by Diet Bites

Metabolism is yet one more factor that impacts the number on your bathroom weighing scales.

A fast metabolism burns the energy that we feed it in an efficient manner while a sluggish metabolism just sort of sits there, burning the energy at its leisure.

Slow Metabolism Causes

A slow metabolism may be due in part to inactivity, genes, age, stress level and even climate. It may even be due to an imbalance involving the thyroid which requires professional evaluation and treatment to remedy.

But just because we are born with a parent's inherited 'fat' genes doesn't mean that we're doomed to a life of living in fat jeans. There is much we can do to combat those sour lemons that we inherited - like making lemonade.

For example, both of my parents were obese.

My father was very obese in his younger years and after he leaned that he had diabetes he remained about 50 to 75 pounds overweight for the remainder of his life. There were times when he'd trim down, but then he would regain the lost pounds.

My mother was thin until she reached her forties and then she started gaining about 10 pounds or more a year.  By the age of seventy she was at least 80 pounds overweight.

I was skinny as a kid until I reached 16 years old and then I struggled with keeping my body weight in check. I did a good job until I had my first child and then my weight exploded over the years and I became morbidly obese. I had always assumed that because both of my parents were fat - I was destined to the same fate. But in my forties I was able to conquer my eating habits and to this day I have kept the weight off too. No more fat jeans! And you can do the same. One of the keys to success resides in our metabolic rate.

How to Speed Up Metabolism, Natural Methods for Increasing Metabolic Rate

1. One of the best ways to get your metabolism on the fast weight loss track is to enjoy a good breakfast every morning. Eating breakfast sets the metabolism into action.

2. Many dieters speed up their metabolism by spacing their food throughout the day into several small meals rather than the standard breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Rather than those three a-typical meals per day and the two general snacks, they may enjoy six or more small mini-feasts throughout the day.

Their menu might look something like the following and is based on the minimum Food Pyramid requirements. The caloric values are in parenthesis.

Examples of Mini-Meals for Metabolic Boosting

Meal #1: 2 slices of whole grain diet toast (70), a serving of reduced fat margarine (20) and one cup serving of skim milk (90).

Meal #2: 1 apple with peeling (80) and a wedge of reduced fat cheese (50)

Meal #3: 2 slices of whole grain diet bread (70) to make a sandwich of lean proteins (50), a serving of green leafy vegetables, along with tomato slices and cucumber slices (30). Mustard was the healthy spread used for the sandwich.

Meal #4: 1 roasted chicken drumstick (150), 1/2 cup of whole grain rice (100) and a side salad of lettuce, tomato and balsamic vinegar (50).

Meal #5: 1/2 cup of pinto beans (100) and a wedge of cornbread (140), and a 1 cup serving of skim milk (90).

Meal #6: 1 cup of skim milk (90) blended with frozen fruit (50).

Total Caloric Value: About 1,230 with room to add additional calories. For the dieter who doesn't have a significant amount of weight to lose, 1,350 to 1,500 calories per day is a good set point for daily energy.

Side Effects of Decreasing Caloric Intake Severely

For dieters who have more than fifty pounds to lose, a higher number of calories should be set, then reduced as weight is lost so that the body doesn't go into conservation mode, thus impacting the metabolic rate by slowing to a crawl in an intense effort to save precious energy.

Minimal Recommended Food Group Servings Per USDA

Picture of American Food PyramidFruit Group: 2 Servings
Vegetable Group: 3 Servings
Grain Group: 6 Servings
Protein Group: 3 Servings
Dairy Group: 4 Servings

There are a few drawbacks to this weight loss technique. Quick access to food can make or break your diet plan.  

If food is readily available, bingeing may occur.

In addition, this technique may establish 'grazing' which almost-always leads to the Weight Gain Pasture.

3. A dose of healthy activity inserted into the weight loss plan is another fabulous method of strengthening the metabolism and achieving a faster caloric burn.

Healthy Weight Loss Solutions

Keep healthy foods in stock, particularly fresh fruit and vegetables. Fruit makes a handy, quick snack and can satisfy a sweet tooth readily.

In addition, prepare a few diet wise meals in advance and pop them into the freezer to use when those bingeing moments surface.

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