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The Lover Dieter - Diet, Weight Loss & Personality Factors

Written by Diet Bites

People Who Love Dieting, Common Characteristics, Traits

This diet personality is at the top of the Diet Totem Pole and almost always achieves diet success. The Lover Dieter loves dieting.

One caveat: When the Lover Dieter is not dieting, they love food.  

Weight gain is usually accomplished because of their rather fierce love for food instead of being due to other weight gain contributors such as stress, poor diet, medical problems, and metabolism issues.  

The Lover Dieter simply loves to eat. Fortunately, Food Love transfers to Love Diet, which is a very good thing when it comes to weight loss for this particular dieting personality.

The Lover Dieter is not a picky eater, and will try most any foods. They may seek ways to turn bland foods into good-tasting foods, another positive trait that transfers nicely to weight loss time.

Because the Lover Dieter loves most any food, they will be content with most popular diet foods that a persnickety dieter would pass up.

The most compromising time for this type of dieting personality is when the individual is not dieting, or when they are not concerned with weighty issues. Because of such, weight is added swiftly, and may reach a point that is unconquerable for even the Lover Dieter if left uncontrolled. It is at this point when the Lover Dieter should seek professional help in getting their weight under control.

The Lover Dieter generally does not enjoy exercise. They may have more success in getting in a dose of activity by taking a nature walk, or through shopping at the mall for hours on end.

Dieting Solutions & Tips for the Lover Dieter

Healthy Foods

Stick to foods that are healthy and lowest in fat and calories.

Satiety Power

Seek out foods that satisfy and that have strong satiety powers so that you’ll feel full long after meal time.

Dietary Fiber

Enjoy foods that have bulk and fiber, such as melons and healthy legumes.

Listen to Your Body Talk

Keep in tune with your body so that you are able to recognize the danger signs of “uncontrollable weight” issues.

Adding Healthy Dose of Sensible Activity to Diet Plan

Make a full-pledge effort to incorporate at least 20 minutes of activity into your daily schedule, whether it’s a walk, a hike, swimming, shooting hoops or jumping rope.  

Yes, even shopping helps burn fat, but you’ll want to include exercise that jacks up the heart rate for a stronger, healthier heart muscle and circulatory system. Exercise also strengthens bones and just makes a body feel great.

Healthy Snacks for Dieters

Some of the healthiest snacks that will keep the digestive system satisfied and busy for a good while include: a boiled egg, a serving of jerky - either turkey or beef, a serving of low fat cottage cheese, 1/2 of a small whole grain bagel or a Tablespoon of peanut butter spread on a few whole grain crackers.

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