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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

"The country rooster does not crow in the town." Source: (African Swahili)

Remember the childhood story of the Country Mouse & the City Mouse?  The Country Mouse couldn't wait to go to the big city but once she got there, she was so unhappy that she couldn't wait to get back home. 

Keep this fable in mind when choosing your diet plan. Pick a weight loss plan that includes familiar foods and familiar activities. 

Although an appealing, exotic diet plan may include activities that appear challenging, a dieter is more apt to achieve weight loss success by sticking with a plan close to their roots.  

Again, it's familiarity in play - the comfort zone.

Choosing a Sensible Weight Loss Plan

Don't get crazy when choosing your weight loss plan. At the beginning, it's very easy to slip off the edge of reality and into fantasy land - and the end result is a diet that will last only until the magic wears off and you'll be right back where you were before you began that fad diet.

IF that should happen whether now or sometime in your future - please keep this tip in mind. When a weight loss plan ends for any reason, if you have lost x-amount of pounds - no matter how small or large that number might be, watch what you eat very carefully. If you are diligent about this, at least you won't regain the weight that was lost.

It's so easy when a diet ends to eat a plethora of your former favorite foods. This mistake will not only put back any pounds that were lost - it more often than not adds even more pounds onto the body. In other words, you'll weigh more after the weight loss plan that you did before you started it.

Many a dieter is at their current overweight state simply because of failed diets. They went on the plan, got off the plan - regained all the lost weight plus more pounds. Then they went on another diet, and the same thing happened. If they had not went on a diet in the first place, they may not have so many pounds to lose.

One of the biggest mistakes is choosing a plan that doesn't allow the dieter to set their own expectations or fitness goals. Most of these plans are out of the Realm of Reality. Setting unrealistic goals is setting the dieter up for guaranteed failure. 

If a weight loss plan guarantees that you'll lose fifty pounds in two weeks - pause to think very hard about that. One pound represents 3,500 calories. Unless you're planning on walking from the tip of Maine to the tail of California amid these next two weeks - losing that amount of weight is virtually impossible - unless the individual is extremely morbidly obese.

Your Past Diet

Think about what worked in your former weight loss plans. What moment made you decide that you didn't want to diet anymore? What foods are the most tempting? Think about solutions that will allow you to work around the hot spots in your plan.

Keep in mind that the best plans are those that can be arranged to fit your personal dietary needs and schedule.

If the plan's menu has parsnips on the menu and you don't even like them, or you don't even know what they are - opt for another vegetable. If the plan recommends exercising two hours per day - which is unreasonable, try exercising for twenty or thirty minutes.

Making your weight loss plan doable assists in keeping you motivated to lose all the weight and meet your fitness goals. Too difficult - and you'll be kicking it to the side of the curb.

It's also important to remember your roots - who you are, and not to stray from who you are. 

Once you reach your weight loss and fitness goals, you're going to be the same person on the inside as you were at the beginning of your diet plan - or hopefully that will be one of your goals.

In Summary: By sticking to a diet and fitness plan that is familiar to daily lifestyle, weight loss is accomplished much easier and the dieter will generally thrive because they are indeed, comfortable in the diet zone.

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