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The Social Ladder, Job Type Weight Factors

Written by Diet Bites

The Social Ladder of Life is yet another factor in the Weight Loss Equation.

We-humans tend to base our opinions and judgments on visual experiences.

Some of our species even base the level of intelligence of other individuals based on their weight. Some view the overweight individual as one who has little control, because they cannot manage their weight. And of course, people who embrace these opinions are clueless.

This aside, its vital to our level of health to be happy in our employment - no matter what that might be. If we're unhappy, it impacts our good health by causing stress which in turn places the body at a higher risk for health issues - from stomach ulcers to digestive upset.

Stressed? You're More Likely to Overeat OR Binge

When we're stressed, we are more likely to overeat as we seek something in our lives that will comfort us - or that will provide a space of peace and contentment. As babes, we were given milk when we cried. We were not only fed, but also provided comfort.

Let's peer into the life of Dominique and Bubba to get a glimpse of how a person's profession calculates into the weight equation.

One individual is a successful, prominent CEO of a major corporation; the other is a janitor who works for the corporation. And one of these men has a life filled with too much stress which will end-up impacting his good health if he doesn't make some radical changes in his life style.

Dominique is a pretty happy man these days. He pauses from his thoughts to look around the elite fitness center lodged within the basement of the corporation he works for, then he continues to contemplate.  

He had much to be happy about; money in the bank, a loving wife and family. Thirty-five years of marriage and Dominique supposed that their love was more fierce now than ever. He had worked very hard to make life easier for his family, and felt proud of his job within the corporation.  

Dominique smiled to himself,  then he continued sweeping the floor of the fitness center, shifting his thoughts to the chicken sandwich, celery sticks and fresh fruit that his loving wife had packed for his lunch today. Once the fitness center was clean, he would head up to the CEO's office to finish up, then enjoy his lunch.

Bubba toyed with his pencil, feeling totally miserable with his life. He had all the success, all the glamour, all the pomp and circumstance that one could possibly ever want in life, as well as a bank-full of money. There was indeed a ring of truth to the age-old saying that 'Money Can't Buy Happiness'.  

He greatly feared that his wife of 30 years was becoming bored and he suspected she was having an affair with one of his best friends 

Well, it wasn't any wonder because Bubba had spent most of his life working at the corporation. There wasn't even any rest to be found once he left the office because his wife always had a function of sorts rocking the walls of the mansion.  

The pencil suddenly snapped and Bubba's thoughts were interrupted as Dominique entered the room and eased out, "Sorry, Sir.  I assumed that you had left for lunch. I'll return in a bit to clean your office."

Bubba narrowed his eyes and his thoughts intensified as he contemplated, "Dominique - always happy, always upbeat and content. In a sense, he's eons richer than I."

In Summary

Although Bubba has nothing to worry about financially, he is not a happy person. His life is a wreck due to his success. In addition, he gets little exercise, eats an unhealthy diet and his life is filled with stress.

This CEO who appears to have everything he could possibly want or ever need could actually learn a lot from Dominique - the not-so-weak.

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