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The Irish Weight Factors

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Ireland's Climate & How It Relates to Individual Weight

The climate of Ireland is relatively mild with temperatures averaging about 42 degrees F in winter's coldest month to about 60 degrees F during summer's warmest month. Rain is abundant. In essence, Ireland enjoys a moderate winter with cooler summer months.

Weight Impact

When the climate is humid, the body collects fluids more easily and weight is impacted by a small jump on the weight scales.

During frigid seasons, the body instinctively adapts by adding a few pounds for padding during those winter months that may not be so kind, and which may come with limited food sources.

Since Ireland doesn't typically employ bitter weather, the winter padding would be less than in extremely cold regions, such as the arctic. Cooler temperatures also require more calories, the body being wise enough to allow for such.

Ireland's Regional Features & How They Relate to Individual Weight

Though surrounded by low mountains, the interior of Ireland is a fairly level plain.  

Weight Impact

In the more mountainous regions, an individual's weight is impacted by a more strenuous getting-about. It takes more calories to move upwards than on a level surface.

Ireland's Environmental Resources, Job Structure & How They Relate to Individual Weight

Embedded with the following minerals, mining is a productive field for the economy: lead, zinc, barite, silver, copper, limestone, peat, gypsum, dolomite, natural gas and sulphur.

Imports are a big part of the Irish Economic Pie. Other jobs include agriculture output of sugar beets, potatoes, turnips, barley, dairy products, beef and wheat and industrial production of glass, crystal, clothing, chemicals, food products and pharmaceuticals.

Weight/Health Impact

Mining is hard work and spends many calories. Mining may also present certain risk factors such as on-the-job safety risks and health risks, effecting the lungs in particular.

Ireland's Food Sources, the Basic Daily Diet

Some of the foods prominent in the Irish diet are: potatoes, oatmeal, dairy products, proteins, wheat products and root vegetables such as onions and turnips. And sometimes, one might find a tasty loaf of Irish Soda Bread, a pot of rich Irish Stew, and Irish whiskey.  

The typical Irish ancestral diet was rich in fatty fish. The Irish developed a need for a fairly high amount of fat in their diet. Oddly enough, a diet that is too low in fat can contribute or cause heart disease in this ethnic group. But a diet that is rich in fat may also cause other ethnic groups to develop heart disease.  

Overall, the traditional diet of the Irish is health-wise but in today's world, there is concern about the amount of alcohol consumption for men in particular, and a soaring problem of adolescence obesity as well as adulthood obesity.

Almost 50% of the population falls in the category of obese or overweight. Sounds like it's time to get back to the basic diet, fellow Irishmen!

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