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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Healthy Ethnic Meal & Dieting Suggestions

There are so many things that influence the numbers on your weight scales - not just eating and exercise.

Your current weight is also influenced by climate, eating schedules, food choices, brands of food choices, personality type, genes, sex, age, height, metabolism, health - past and present, stress level, nutrient &vitamin intake, the number of children you have, dental health and work schedule.

Your current weight can even be influenced by spirituality, moods, income, as well as contentment and spontaneity levels.

The more you learn about 'your secret you' the better equipped you'll be in controlling your weight and the faster you'll be able to lose that unwanted weight.  

We'll do our best in providing you with the information that you need, but it will be your job to determine the pieces that apply to your life.

In essence, we'll be creating a Weight Loss Puzzle whose end result will be a masterpiece of a slimmer, healthier YOU! Just a few of the topics that you'll find within this section of Diet Bites include the following elements.

Current Weight, How You Got There & What You Can Do to Get Healthy

How you got to your current weight.

What you will weigh if you continue on the same Eating Path.

How much weight you can lose and how fast can you lose it. Yes, there may be limitations due to the factors mentioned above. Not everyone can be a svelte size fetus - and who really wants to be?

Weight Loss Patterns

Ready to learn more about 'your secret you' and how it relates to your weight loss pattern? Then get started on your Weight Loss Portfolio today by clicking on the links within this section. Or this link is an excellent spot to begin where you can pick and choose the articles that you wish to review further within this section of Diet Bites.

Don't forget to grab your lucky pen and pad because you'll want to jot down the good stuff - such as foods that are part of your ethnic make-up.

Before you go, I'd like to give you a dose of motivation.

It's always good to start off on any project or plan, full of energy and interest - and motivated to reach your set goals. A sense of achievement is such a wonderful feeling - knowing that we accomplished what we set out to do.

On that note, it's important for you to keep in mind that unlike most projects, unless you have just a little bit of weight to lose - this project could be ongoing for quite some time.

You will hit pitfalls along the way. You might feel discouraged. You will also reach highlights that infuse you with a desire to continue forward on your weight loss plan.

Being prepared to face all the different challenges that will greet you - most of the time quite unexpectedly, will assist in strengthening your armor - your very determination to continue losing weight.

While it might not be fun, you're going to feel so proud of all your accomplishments at the end of meeting your weight loss goals.

Stick with your plan; keep motivation - visit Diet Bites as frequently as you wish and wade through our articles here. We have thousands that we've written to assist you with weight loss. And these were all Written by Sky Taylor, someone who went through the same things that you'll face, and succeeded. On that note, let's get started, shall we?

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