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Ideal Body Weight

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

What is Ideal Body Weight?

Simply defined, it's the healthy weight that you feel most comfortable at.

You will also feel healthiest at this weight - and will tend to be resistant to disease and illness.

You should be able to move freely about at your ideal body weight - easily performing daily tasks.

About Fluctuating Weight Ranges

Your ideal weight may range 10-15 pounds UP or DOWN depending on which popular weight chart that you view.  

Let's pause right here and look at a couple of examples.

The Grand Diet Central Station may have the following weight recommendations for a woman who is 5'5" tall:

Small Frame

Medium Frame

Large Frame




Another site, as in Diet Bites displays the following table for a woman who is 5'5" tall:

Small Frame

Medium Frame

Large Frame




According to our comparison charts, the ideal weight for our 5'5" tall dieter varies by about 20 pounds in comparison to the 'Grand' chart. Here are some more points to consider when determining your ideal weight.

Fit is better than thin.

Muscle weighs more than fat. It also takes more calories to support muscle than fat - thus the dieter is able to enjoy a few more calories in their daily diet when they have more muscle mass.

When weighing in, weigh at the same time of the day, without shoes or clothing, before you eat.  

More weighing tips can be found by clicking here.

Ideal Body Weight & the Ageing Body

During those later teen years until the individual reaches about fifty years old, great importance is placed upon beauty, appearance - and success.

There is particular emphasis placed on weight. We always want to look our best, as well as feel our best.

When we're at a good spot where our weight is concerned, it adds a level of confidence and grace - and in turn, we respond to that positive mind-set by feeling better about our self.

As we age, the body naturally expands. It's the notorious 'middle age spread'.

While in our youth we sought to enhance our appearance through weight loss, as we age we become more concerned about our level of health.

Therefore, seniors tend to watch their diet more closely due to health concerns rather than appearance.

But no matter what age we're currently at, being at our ideal weight can certainly make us feel on top of the world.

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