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Wild Celery - Herbs

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

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Wild Celery - Culinary Uses, Herbal Medicine Uses, Herbal Household Uses

Take special note that Wild Celery is not edible and very unlike the handsome stalks of green celery that farmer's produce for commercial purposes.  It's central purpose throughout history has been connected to herbal remedies.

Wild Celery vs Modern Day Cultivated, Edible Celery

There is a huge difference in wild and modern-day celery.

We have the Italian farmers to thank for the celery found in today's marketplace which is used in soups, casseroles, for pickling purposes, in curries, stuffing and in cole slaw.

It marries very well with another herb - sage. What would Thanksgiving be without a serving of delicious stuffing or for those of us who herald from the deep south, dressing.

Modern cultivated celery unlike Wild Celery can also be used a salt substitute for those individuals on a sodium-reduced daily diet due to specific health conditions.

Generally, those patients who suffer from coronary artery disease are advised by their personal physician to restrict sodium - therefore, different products created from celery might prove beneficial. wild celery

Celery seed can completely change the flavor of a particular recipe or dish.

Try a dash next time you prepare homemade cabbage slaw - but only a dash will do as the seed is quite potent.

Wild Celery is also known as Smallage.

In the old days the seed was used to relieve flatulence as well as for producing a calming effect - or as a mild sedative.

Celery - not wild but the type that is easily purchased at the local market is an effective diuretic.

So on those days when you've had a tab too much salt in your diet, celery might assist in relieving the discomfort. Drinking the required amount of fluids per day will also assist.

Nutrition Data for Modern Day Commonly Sold Celery Seed

One Tablespoon of Celery Seed contains 25 calories and one teaspoon of Celery Seed contains 8 calories.

One Tablespoons of Celery Seed contains 1.17 protein grams, 1.64 total fat grams, 115 mg of calcium, 2.92 mg of iron, 0.45 mg of zinc, 10 mg of sodium, 29 mg of magnesium, 36 mg of phosphorus, 1.1 mg of Vitamin C, and 4 mg of Phytosterols. A daily diet rich in Phytosterols may reduce serum cholesterol.

The oil of the celery seed has been used in preparing tonics.

Reference: Tom, the Biologist

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