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Dewcup, Lady's Mantle
Alchemilla Vulgaris

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

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Lady's Mantle, Dewcup- Culinary Uses, Herbal Folklore, Historical Roots, Herbal Medicine Uses, Herbal Household Uses

This herb has been centrally used by Old World Herbalists in treating health related issues specifically involving females.

It has been used historically for regulating the flow of blood during menstruation cycles, for easing menopause related health issues and in fighting inflammation of the female organs.

And it has also been historically used as a treatment to ease or stop the flow of bleeding.

Other common names for this herb include Bear's Foot, Lion's Foot, Nine Hooks and Stellaria. The Lady's Mantle is a member of the Rose Family.

It's given name may be related to the pleated leaves which look a lot like a lady's cloak or 'mantle' might have during the old medieval days of yore.

Folklore & Lady's Mantle, Dewcup

Its ability to collect the morning dew on its foliage is part of its legend among the pages of history. In folklore, some believed that the dewdrops that were collected on the leaves contained magical powers that would light the way to the hidden philosopher's stone.

Folklore goes - that the stone had mystic powers to transform metals into gold.

lady's mantle, a herbAnd back in those days, gold was quite a nice thing to have around, particularly when one didn't have their own leprechaun about.

Culinary Use

For culinary use the torn young leaves can be used in salads; leaves contain a slightly bitter taste that might be off-putting to some individuals.

Treating Diarrhea

The green sections of Lady's Mantle have been used in treating diarrhea, dysentery in addition to gastric and digestive upset and the unpleasant side-effects that accompany such including bloating, abdominal pressure and pain, a feeling of over-fullness, and in treating trapped gas within the digestive track.

First Aid & Lady's Mantle, Dewcup

The dried leaves of the Lady's Mantle have been used in stifling blood flow from skin wounds and as referenced earlier, for treating excessive blow flow amid menstruation.

It was also used by Old World herbalists for treating bruises and in healing wounds.

An Astringent

Lady's Mantle has also been used as an astringent in treating acne and as a soothing oral rinse after dental procedures.

Reference: Tom, the Biologist

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