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The Go Getter Dieter - Diet, Weight Loss, Personality Factors

Written by Diet Bites

The Outgoing, Determined Dieter Personality

Like the dependable mailman – rain, shine, sleet or hail or even stale rice cakes won’t deter the Go Getter Dieter.  

This diet personality wants to be around for a long time and is willing to commit to the strictest of daily diets in order to accomplish their weight loss goals.

Typically their diet plan includes the following highlights: weight loss, better health, a stronger body, an enhanced feeling of well being, improved endurance, longer life or at minimum - a higher quality of life marching forward as the body ages.

A potential problem with the Go Getter Dieter is that they may choose unwisely, even though their heart is in the right place, as well as their wise health goals.

The Go Getter Dieter may be drawn to popular fad diets or yo-yo dieting in an attempt to lose all of the unwanted weight. They may have a propensity to favor what is popular over what is healthy – even though they are seeking optimum health.

The Go Getter Dieter is almost-always willing to invest time in an activity program in order to accomplish their weight loss goals.

Dieting Solutions & Tips for the Go Getter Dieter

A diet that is as close to its natural state might just fit the bill for the Go Getter Dieter.

A diet doesn’t necessarily need to be totally raw in order to accomplish stellar weight loss results, but a diet that is close to its natural state offers one of the best solutions for quick, safe, healthy and permanent weight loss.

This doesn't necessarily mean that certain foods must be restricted from the daily diet. The focus should be on making food and beverage choices that are based on the most minimal of ingredients.

Making Healthy Choices

For example, if Go Getter Ted is dieting and he has the following choices in front of him, which should he choose?

1. Chicken breast with the skin left on - that was dipped into all-purpose flour, then dipped into a raw egg bath, then dredged again in a mixture of all-purpose flour combined with salt and pepper before getting deep fried in vegetable oil. It will be served with a side of full-blown ranch dressing.

2. Chicken breast with the skin and visible fat removed, then dredged in a egg wash and then again dredged in crushed seasoned bread crumbed and baked in the oven. It will be served with a side of reduced fat ranch dressing.

3. Chicken breast with the skin and visible fat removed - then pan-roasted on the stove top and seasoned with salt and cracked pepper. Although dressing doesn't accompany this menu selection, a serving of green beans does.

It doesn't take a genius to see that the best choice for not only Ted - but for all dieters is the third one on our list. It was prepared as close to its natural state as possible. The same thing applies to vegetables that get battered, dipped, fried and dipped again into a sauce - such as fried mushroom, French fries and fried okra, squash and onions.

Saying NO To Fad Diets

Go Getter Dieters should be alert to fad diets that don’t incorporate all of the foods recommended in the official food pyramid, including diets that limit food groups, or that banish some foods entirely from the weight loss plan.

The Go Getter Dieter should practice the Art of Diet Patience, realizing that weight loss through proper dieting takes a bit of time – more time to lose the weight, than it did to gain the weight.

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