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The French Diet Weight Factors

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

France's Food Sources, the Basic Daily Diet

The French diet tends to be rich in calories and rich in fat in comparison to other European countries. However - this does not apply to all areas of France. 

For  example, a Mediterranean-based diet is embraced in many regions of the country. 

The Mediterranean Diet Lifestyle

The Mediterranean Diet tends to be light and contains mostly fish and vegetables harvested from the area. 

It's important to note that foods that are harvested and gathered locally tend to be more beneficial in nutrition than those that may be imported or grown in another region.

Honey makes an excellent example. When purchased locally, it may even guard against certain allergies in the affected individual.

Flavors are also impacted, based on where the food was grown and flavors are also influenced greatly by the condition of the soils that crops were grown in. A prime example is the pineapple. Pineapples grown in the tropics contain a much different flavor that the pineapples grown in Mexico - or in other areas of the globe.

Even in the United States - the California Avocado and the Florida avocado are much different in nutritional components. Both taste like the traditional flavor of the avocado that one might expect. And of course, the avocado is a popular item among the French - rich in flavor with great potential in creating diverse recipes. It's also impossible to match the flavor inflections of the avocado.

As we can quickly see based on the nutritional data charts below, the Florida avocado contains fewer calories and fat grams than the California-grown specimen. When viewing nutritional data on same-species, it's wise to base a conclusion on the 'per 100 grams and the per cup' columns as fruits vary greatly in size and the 'per 1 fruit' column would otherwise yield a false illusion.

Calories, Nutrition Facts for California & Florida Avocado

Energy, Vitamins, Minerals


All Commercial Varieties, Average

California Avocado

Florida Avocado

1 cup cubes

1 cup pureed

1 cup slices

1 fruit

1 cup pureed

1 fruit

1 cup pureed

1 fruit

Energy, Calories kcal 240 368 234 322 384 227 276 365
Protein g 3.00 4.60 2.92 4.02 4.51 2.67 5.13 6.78
Carbohydrates g 12.80 19.62 12.45 17.15 19.87 11.75 17.99 23.77
Fiber, total dietary g 10.0 15.4 9.8 13.5 15.6 9.2 12.9 17.0
Sugars, total g 0.99 1.52 0.96 1.33 0.69 0.41 5.57 7.36


Total lipid (fat) g 21.99 33.72 21.40 29.47 35.44 20.96 23.14 30.58

Saturated Fats

g 3.189 4.890 3.104 4.273 4.890 2.891 4.508 5.958


g 14.698 22.538 14.307 19.696 22.538 13.327 12.680 16.760


g 2.724 4.177 2.651 3.650 4.177 2.470 3.855 5.095
Cholesterol mg 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

France's Foods Common to Daily Diet

Other regions of France employ a high protein diet. 

Some of the foods prominent in the French diet include: cheese, sausages, delicate pastries, wine, breads, olives, avocado and strong coffees.

The consumption of caffeine-based coffee has been connected to heart-healthy benefits when used in moderation.

Cheese is often enjoyed as a dessert. In America, cheese is often enjoyed alongside a slice of apple pie.

Although red wine was once touted as a deterrent for heart attacks, a new direction supports that a diet low in fat and cholesterol in certain areas of the country best control heart disease. 

While the Mediterranean Diet appears on the surface to be a very good combatant against coronary heart disease and in lowering risk of heart attack, the risk of stroke increases in this ethnic group. This may be related to the gene pool, or it could be related to the diet itself. Ongoing health studies will eventually produce answers.

And finally, moderate consumption of wine by the French may be beneficial to health so when the two are combined (healthy diet plus the wine), the health rewards may be great.

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