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Folate - Folic Acid

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Natural Food Sources Containing Folate

Green leafy vegetables, apricots, cantaloupe, melons, carrots, beans, peanuts, almonds, wheat germ, brewer's yeast, broccoli, free range eggs.

Folate Nutrition Benefits for the Body, Therapeutic Uses

General Health Benefits - Cancer fighter; protects against certain birth defects; heart warming.

Therapeutic Uses for Folate: Assists in the aid of digestion.

Folate Deficiency Symptoms

Weakness, fatigue, irritability, insomnia, respiratory duress.

Folate Daily Recommended Amount μg/d (daily micrograms)

Infants & Children:

0 to 6 months old - 65

7 to 12 months old - 80

1 to 3 years old - 150

4 to 8 years old - 200

Males & Females:

9 to 13 years old - 300

14 and older - 400


All Ages - 600


All Ages - 500

Folate in the Daily Diet & Our Salad Recipe Which is Rich in Folate

The modern diet is so diverse in comparison to the old ways when what went on the table depended upon the success of the gathering or the hunting processes. Because food is grown for the masses, a bounty of nature's food can be found at the local market, and at times - in our own humble gardens.

Folate Rich Menu for Dieters

A menu rich in folate content resembles the following and can work well in most weight loss plans:

Lunch or Dinner Menu

Two cups of a mix of green leafy vegetables such as lettuce, spinach and spring greens. Add a few slices of fresh apricot to the greens.

Next, add a few baby carrots, some broccoli florets. We need some protein for our salad, so let's crack open a boiled egg from the fridge, peel it, rinse it - and slice it into thin circles while adding it to our healthy salad.

Aren't you glad that we keep boiled eggs on hand in the fridge while we're dieting? Such a great 'grab & go' food at snack time or anytime - and rich in protein grams.

Let's add just a bit more protein. How about some black beans? Yes, let's please do. We'll use canned; we'll also rinse the liquid from them and place them onto a paper towel to dry before adding to our healthy salad mix.

We need a few cherry tomatoes, and while we are at it - let's add just a few sliced almonds. And we'll serve the salad with either light, low fat fruit-based dressing OR with low calorie balsamic vinegar. And it's so tasty, so low in caloric values as well as fat grams - and yes, it's packed with the benefits of Folate.

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