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Dieting With Family

Written by Diet Bites

If you're trying to diet and are in charge of preparing meals for a family, weight loss just got a notch more complicated.

We have a few tips that might come in handy.  Both you and your family might benefit by meeting in the middle.  

Prepare favorite foods using diet-friendly ingredients.

While fat free or low fat cream cheese might not taste swell by itself, when tucked into recipes it does wonderfully well.

Introduce a healthy salad and soup before the main course.

You'll feel fuller and will be apt to eat less of the higher calorie foods that will follow throughout the meal.

Grilled, Boiled, Broiled & Roasted Over Fried

Turn fried chicken into grilled or roasted chicken as well as other foods that might otherwise end up in the frying pan. Keep in mind one of Diet Bites most popular original sayings, "Hide from fried amid diet time."

Serve Lots of Vegetables, Add Minimal Fat

Season veggies with herbs and spices. They'll add flavor without adding extra calories and dietary fat grams.

Put a lock on the butter bowl. Better yet, switch it out for whipped reduced fat margarine. You won't miss anything but all those naughty little fat grams. And oh - perhaps a few pounds on the bathroom scales.

Serve reduced fat, skim, low fat and fat free milk with meals. Even 2% is better than whole where caloric values and fat grams are concerned.

These are all good starting points for those dieters who are trying to juggle family and a weight loss plan.

Pattern for Healthy Eating, Vital for Health & Body Weight

Eating together as a family at the table is an important step in developing a pattern for controlled eating.

Although it's a lot of fun to eat meals in front of the television, that leads to feasting on bowls of hot buttered popcorn, boxes of chocolate and bags of greasy potato chips that are generally consumed late into the evening.

The end result is a lot of damage on the body and the weight scales.

It's very easy to become captivated with the program and lose track of what you're putting into your mouth. Many times, we become so engrossed with a program that we won't even realize that we're eating - much less, what we're eating.

So take time to sit down and enjoy meal time.  

Limit snacks in front of the tube to raw fruit and vegetables OR enjoy a hot cup of herbal tea or flavored coffee using Splenda during t.v. time.

You'll be less apt to lay in bed afterwards, feeling bloated, feeling miserable, feeling like you need to rip out a burp bigger than Dallas from both ends, and feeling like you should not have eaten all those snacks during television time.

Establishing a healthy eating pattern is not only good for your weight loss plan, it's also good for your family.  

Consider dining, then taking a walk together as a family. Go moon gazing - or watch the sun set.

Make some memories that you'll never forget - memories that will strengthen your good health, and memories that don't involve food.

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