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To Achieve Weight Loss Keep Your Eye on the Diet Ball

The body holding those extra pounds says: " Poor meal planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part."

You know - it's true. All those times of poor meal planning, all those unwise food and beverage selections, they end-up pilling-up on an individual over time. While those poor energy choices may not impact the bathroom scales today, they will in the future.

For example, on Tuesday Wimpy enjoyed a Cheese Danish for breakfast, a full-blown Mexican meal for lunch complete with a basket of chips and salsa - and a heavy Italian dinner enjoyed with a loaf of rosemary-infused bread.

At day's-end, his bathroom scales will only register the amount of food that was inserted into his digestive system - along with the weight it registered when he woke up to begin the day.

And if Wimpy doesn't exceed his energy requirements, his weight will not increase over time. We do know that the foods that he indulged in on Tuesday weren't the healthiest.

So for argument's sake, let us assume that he has a desk job - and that he exceeded his daily caloric needs by 3,500 calories. Therefore, that's enough to register a one-pound weight gain.

Body Fat Increase May Not Occur Overnight

That one-pound may not register the following morning, although that extra load of sodium he consumed surely might in the way of 'false pounds'. When we consume too much sodium, the body responds by craving water - and water weighs heavily. Nonetheless, that one pound of true weight gain will soon make its way (or should we say 'weigh'?) onto Wimpy's bathroom scales.

Lets take a look at another dieter.

Dieter Sally is freaking out. She just got an invitation to her tenth high school reunion and her current wardrobe contains sweats and moo moos. The reunion is less that two weeks away. Dieter Sally must ditch a minimum of twenty-five extra pounds before the event.

To accomplish such, Dieter Sally goes on a one-meal, one-olive a day diet. 

She has also joined the local gym and is spending most of her waking hours there. She is so tired and sore from all the activity that she is unaccustomed to, she has began taking vitamins and herb supplements to fight fatigue, and over the counter pain medication to fight her soreness. She has also incorporated a weight loss pill into her daily routine.

Frustration Normal When Dieter Dissatisfied With Speed of Weight Loss Results

By the end of the first week, Dieter Sally is frustrated as the scales indicate only a five pound weight loss. How oh how can she ditch the other twenty pounds in just seven days?

Seeking a quick weight loss solution, Dieter Sally signs onto her computer and stumbles upon an overnight weight loss cure - a miracle!  A weight loss miracle! She orders an overnight shipment and begins her weight loss treatment the following morning. 

Two days later, Dieter Sally hops onto the scales and is frustrated to find that she has lost only two more pounds. 

She isn't feeling so hot,either. Her head aches, her back is strained, and her buttocks throb from all the huffing, puffing, sweating and stomping. She is so frustrated that she decides to miss her annual school reunion and attend next time. 

This dieting thing is just too hard, too stressful and where is that box of chocolate I hid, thinks Dieter Sally.

In Summary

Sally has been Diet Bad for months and months and expected for a Weight Loss Miracle to occur in her time of emergency. Unfortunately, that couldn't be accomplished BUT Sally didn't realize that the loss of seven pounds in a little over a week was indeed a Weight Loss Miracle in itself. The average per pound loss per week for most dieters is about two pounds. 

On the other hand, Dieter Sally didn't go about her weight loss project in a savvy way and could have done substantial damage to her health. She is exceptionally lucky that she didn't spend time in the emergency room due to a daily diet that contained far too much activity to balance her severely restricted calorie diet.

Sensible Dieting Tips That Work

- When calculating weight loss for your diet, plan on a two pound per week weight loss which is considered safe and reasonable.

- Plan ahead for special events when you desire to look your best.

- Embrace a healthy lifestyle, not only for special events, but for every day of your life. You'll not only feel better, you'll add to your life span.

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