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Diet Money Bags, a Healthy Recipe

These Delicious Low Calorie Treasures Will Melt In Your Mouth!

This low calorie, low fat, diet-wise recipe for Money Bags is so tasty that you won't even care if you're on a diet. Because they are so low in fat and calories, the dieter can enjoy a good amount without blowing their weight loss plan.

Diet Money Bags Recipe Ingredients

Here is the tasty recipe and you will need the following ingredients:

Cooking Spray (we opted for butter flavored)
Vegetables: cabbage, onion, mushrooms, carrot
1/2 cup of Chicken, cooked and shredded
Either egg roll wrappers OR wonton wrappers
Your Choice: Soy sauce, reduced sugar jam or preserves, Asian sauce

How to Prepare Diet Money Bags Recipe

To Prepare: In a pan sprayed with no calorie butter flavored non-stick cooking spray, stir-fry a mix of the following ingredients - all of which are super low in calories and fat: shredded cabbage, diced onions, sliced mushrooms, grated carrots. Use a total amount of two cups of mixed vegetables for this low calorie recipe.

Next, you'll need to add 1/2 cup of shredded cooked chicken to the pan. Seasonings are very important to this recipe and we encourage all diet-minded cooks to experiment, particularly with the spices and flavors that they enjoy most.

For our personal taste, we roasted a couple of chicken breasts rubbed with dried rosemary, sea salt and pepper. After they had fully cooked and cooled, we shredded the chicken for the recipe.

Stir the chicken and vegetables thoroughly so that they are evenly combined, then add 1/2 cup of any of the following for flavor: sugar free jam, soy sauce, OR Chinese sweet and sour sauce.

Cut the heat source as you're ready to fill your wrappers.

Remove the flavored chicken and vegetable mixture from pan using a Tablespoon and fill one egg roll or wanton wrapper in the center of the dough.

Bring up all four corners, then twist so that you form a tiny bag - or as we called it, a Money Bag. They are indeed filled with golden foods from Mother Nature's healthy bounty.

Frying in a deep fat cooker will add tons of calories to these little jewels, so with patience, pan 'fry' the filled wantons using a non stick skillet and no calorie butter flavored cooking spray.

Cook until golden. Carefully turn when cooking as the wrappers can be fragile.

Wonton wrappers can also be tucked into a broth along with other vegetables to create a tasty wonton soup.

Serving Suggestions, Calorie Information

Diet Wonton RecipeEach wrapper contains about 50 calories worth of filling - depending upon the sauce that you use. Be sure and tack on the amount of calories contained in the wrapper by viewing the nutrition label.

Serve with additional sauce if desired. Let's also add a healthy grain to our meal. Steamed rice compliments this recipe so well - so let's add a 3/4 cup serving along with a low calorie beverage of your choice.

At this point we have foods in our recipe and in our meal from the Grain Group Vegetable Group, and Protein Group. We lack selections from the Fruit and Dairy Groups. Therefore, we need to do such and can approach the situation in several different ways.

We can blend some frozen fruit with reduced fat milk to create a low calorie beverage for our meal. We can also opt for a serving of fresh fruit and enjoy a cup of reduced fat milk as our beverage with our meal.

And guess what? We even have room for a couple of Fortune Cookies!

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