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How a Person's Weight is
Impacted by Warmer Climates

The warmer regions of the globe range from sizzling heat to perfectly perfect.

Regions with intense heat are taxing on the body and impact a person's weight in a tremendous way. Example: Dehydration causes a drastic drop in precious body fluids as well as a sharp dip on the weight scales. Not a good thing.

Food Faire for Warmer Climates

Have you ever experienced a time during the hotter months when you just aren't hungry?   That's your body telling you that you need to go light on eating during the heat. A full tummy and the hot sun always make adverse lovers.

The Dining Table

A person residing in a warmer climate zone will likely drink beverages to cool the body such as sugary iced tea, cool shakes, sugary sodas, malts and fruit juices.

The dining table is also likely to contain foods that cool the body such as ice cream, cold cuts, cheese, salads with rich dressings, and cold soups.

Food faire may also include meals that are easily prepared such as tacos, pre-packaged frozen foods that are popped into the oven like pizza.

The calories contained in the beverages and foods partially regulate what a person weighs.

If a person consumes a lot of beverages that contain sugar, a weight gain will register on the weight scales more likely than not because it's very easy to exceed energy needs of the body where sugary foods are involved - particularly when they are enjoyed in profuse amounts.

Processed foods and pre-packaged items also tend to be high in fat and calories and mined with sodium.

The Activity & Weight Connection for Warmer Climates

Warmer climates translate to bright days filled with lots of sunshine making it easy to interact with nature. Outdoor activity in the warmer climates is definitely a calorie burner and will also render great overall health benefits.

Just a few outdoor activities that will help rev up the metabolism and strengthen the heart and body while impacting the numbers on the weight scale include: riding bikes, roller skating, hiking, camping, golfing, volleyball, shooting hoops, walking on the beach, swimming  and yes, even shopping.

We advise, be wise, of the sun's size. Early morning and late evening pose less healthy risks when it comes to having fun in the sun.

On the opposite end is the example of an individual who may not like the warmer temperatures and may choose to wait out the hotter weather in front of a roaring air conditioner watching television. If so, some key points relating to weight gain to ponder:

  Inactivity leads to boredom and boredom leads to weight gain. Inactivity weakens the body - from the immune system to the heart and contributes to weight gain.

 Eating can be easily laced into many hobbies such as watching television or playing or working at the computer station or desk.

 Activity level, genes, metabolism and age are also factors that influence weight.

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