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Diet Bear or Diet Tufted Titmouse?

When I was a young kid, one of my favorite cartoons had a line in it that I will never forget, "Are you a man or are you a mouse?" It was a popular phrase at the time, but these simplistic words formed a complex question that commanded an answer.

The question drew an imaginary line in the sand, daring the person (or cartoon character) in question to stand up to the situation and 'be a man' with courage rather than a mouse on the run.

What is ironic is that there is much strength to be found in the mouse. Just ask any survivor of the Black Plague.

The Diet Mouse

The mouse is quick, the mouse is a slow eater, a nibbler of sorts. But sometimes all that nibbling can get one in trouble. A dieter can learn a lot from a mouse.

- Eat slowly and enjoy what you're eating and what you're drinking.

- Rather than feasting on food to the max, become a nibbler - sampling all the healthy foods from the table, keeping total consumption to a minimum.Image for Article: Diet Bear or Diet Tufted Titmouse?

A dieter can learn a lot from a bear, too.

The Diet Bear

When a bear comes to mind, strength and power is envisioned. Weakness is not an option.

But bears on the surface can be deceptive, particularly Diet Bears, whose stomach is always on the ...growl.

Bears, though powerful, are inactive creatures, particularly in winter. Bears like to eat and run and aren't picky about whose picnic basket they forage.

A dieter can also learn a lot from a titmouse.



The Diet Tufted Titmouse

A tufted titmouse is a very noisy and  very vocal bird.

It's also a very  dominant feeder, making sure to get its share of food even if it means fending off other contenders, some who are larger than they are!

The tufted titmouse is particularly fond of apples, grapes, berries and sunflower seeds - all good for humans, too.

But since the titmouse is a dominant feeder, it is considered a greedy little type of bird.

And the bird to the left of your screen - no, that's not a tufted titmouse, rather an Asian Parrot. And he absolutely adores a good fortune cookie.

But of course, like a good boy he finishes his main dish of lean proteins, healthy earthy vegetables and whole grain rice before even thinking about any cookie.

Body Weight Factor

An interesting thing about the mouse, the bear and the titmouse is that animals in the wild are rarely overweight. They must fight for survival, and many times they are not granted the option of being picky eaters.

When 'man' is placed in similar circumstances, they trim down quickly, particularly on a diet of fish, rice, fresh fruit and vegetables. We need look no further than popular reality shows where contestants are challenged to brave the elements with little food.

It's not the gifts from nature that contribute to gaining weight, rather the rich additives produced by man.

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