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Poor Diet May Cause Hair Loss

Dieting? Beware of hair loss.

If you are pursuing a strict diet, or a fad diet plan, weight may not be the only thing that you lose. Cutting back too severely on the daily diet can constitute hair loss - and in a big way. 

We aren't talking a few hairs on the brush or comb, rather handfuls of hair that can clog the drain when the hair is washed - or when the hair is groomed.

How do I know?

Personal Experience, Hair Loss & Starvation Dieting

Because it happened to me when I dropped over 100 pounds going on two decades ago and it would have definitely been a hair-raising experience if I'd had any hair to spare at the time.

Even now - all this time later and I never grew back that once-full mane that used to fetch so many compliments.

Now we're not talking about baldness - such as seen in so many handsome men these days who have either shaven their heads due to oncoming baldness OR just because they like the look - such as the handsome model to our right.

And of course, there is a certain bird who is known for 'baldness' but in a much different situation than hair loss. Lucky bird.

How Not to Go Bald While Dieting

By making just a few minor adjustments in your diet plan - or by choosing a sensible health-wise plan in the beginning, you can ensure that Hair Loss doesn't come knocking at your Diet Door.Image for Article: Poor Diet May Cause Hair Loss

Image for Article: Poor Diet May Cause Hair LossHow can you keep hair loss from happening to you?  

Here are a few dieting tips that may be of help:

- Pursue a healthy diet plan that incorporates the foods found in the official Food Pyramid.

- Never go below 1,250 calories per day without a doctor's supervision.

- Don't shut fat completely out of your diet as dietary fat is necessary for daily nutritional needs.

- Learn to recognize the difference between thin, razor thin, healthy weight and overweight. Too thin, and you enter a new world - the world of malnourishment.

- Keep in mind that your overall goal should focus on better health rather than a magic number on your weight scales.

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